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BCNU May 2016 Collective Agreement

On May 11th, 2016 – 85% of the BCNU membership ratified the new 5-year collective agreement. The agreement reflects the members continued commitment to improving both patient care and the status, training, and wellbeing of healthcare professionals. A few highlights are included below:

  • $2 million allocated for recruitment (emphasizing specific areas experiencing nursing shortages).
  • 5.5% wage increase.
  • 850 new specialty training seats added each year.
  • 2 new Nursing Policy Secretariat positions added.
  • Expedited grievance process developed.
  • $2 million allocated for violence prevention training and initiatives.
  • Increase in prescription benefits.
  • Extended parent & family leave benefits.
  • Improved protection & job security involving shift work requirements.

We want to congratulate the BCNU and membership on a successful round of talks. Additional information regarding the BCNU collective agreement is also available in the images and attached PDF (with hyperlinks) below:

BCNU May 2016 Contract Agreements Reached2   BCNU May 2016 Contract Agreements Reached


BCNU May 2016 Contract Agreements Reached





author: Michelle Seymour