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Are you ready for parenthood?

“Parent Coaching and Financial Literacy” is launched at RDBC


In a collaborative effort to help residents who start families during residency, Vancouver Coastal Health’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and The Financial Literacy Counsel (FLC) are working with Residents Doctors of BC (RDBC) to provide innovative resources to assist residents as they transition into parenthood.

By integrating financial literacy, family counseling and a new parent coaching service we are strengthening the continuum of care for the financial wellbeing of residents throughout BC.  Residents now have access to a multi-disciplinary care team to get the answers they need to make informed decisions whether they are currently parents or soon to be parents.  Our team understands that becoming a parent is a blend of being emotionally ready to raise a child as well as financial ready.

Residents and their immediate family members have access to:

  • 3 hours of financial coaching per year
  • 1 hour of legal consultation per year
  • Registered Psychologists and Registered Clinical Counselors through EFAP
  • Yearly tax clinic for residents and their spouses
    • If you missed the resident tax clinics this year, we are happy to help you get your taxes completed, even if you’re a late filer.

Residents throughout British Columbia can access any of the services above free of charge through your VCH EFAP benefits by contacting Elena Potapova at 604.620.6630 or elena.potapova@flci.ca  Learn more about EFAP by visiting http://www.efap.ca or https://rdbc.wpengine.com/resources/wellness/

Residents are also welcome to attend the upcoming RDBC parenting workshop which will be held on April 26, 2017.

To learn more about the financial transitions to parenting, download the latest issue of the PULSE for an article on the “9 STEP FINANCIAL READINESS CHECKLIST FOR PARENTS” on page 5.


Written by Bobby Ning, Managing Director Financial Literacy Counsel

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