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Appreciate a Resident – Resident Doctors Appreciation Week 2022

Hey, residents!

February 7-11, 2022 is Resident Doctors Appreciation Week. Every year across Canada, PHOs and residents focus on the public awareness and appreciation of resident doctors.

This year, several of your programs and hospitals have spent the past week participating internally by showing their appreciation for residents; now, let’s appreciate each other! We’re happy to announce “Appreciate a Resident”, where you can nominate a fellow resident to show your appreciation for them. Submit your nomination and be entered—both yourself AND your nominee—into a daily draw. We’ll be randomly drawing 20 names to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card each day: today, tomorrow, and Friday

“Appreciate a Resident” and submit a nomination!

Please submit only one entry per resident.

Interested in submitting a dedicated and anonymous appreciation for a fellow resident? Check out our Paging Positivity, where we feature thank you notes between residents!

author: Sasha Zalyvadna