Apply to the Negotiations Committee

Dear members,

As you may be aware, the current collective agreement expires in April 2022. We have already begun the initial preparations for negotiations, surveying the membership and collecting research on various areas of the agreement. It is now time for the negotiations committee to form, to begin the next stage of negotiations preparations.

In keeping with the terms of reference for the committee, we are seeking 3 to 5 resident members to participate on the committee, with the Executive Director and legal counsel. One resident may be an executive member of the Board, and another an elected Board member, but the remaining positions are open to the entire membership.

Committee members will be determined by a selection committee of Board members who are not eligible to apply to the negotiations committee. Their selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the Collective Agreement
  • Active support from the program/program director is strongly recommended for what will be a time-consuming, intense process that may detract one from clinical duties and may even go beyond the current academic year
  • Dedication to, and knowledge of, a broad range of current resident issues
  • Ability to work efficiently and respectfully in a team
  • Ability to act with integrity towards the team, the Board of Directors, and in advocating for the interests of residents in BC
  • Ability to represent diverse ideas notwithstanding consistency with personal individual values
  • Ability to be articulate, assertive, and tactful
  • Previous engagement in politics or faculty relations is valued
  • Previous experience on a board or negotiations committee would be beneficial
  • Ability to attend in-person Vancouver based meetings; at the discretion of the Finance Committee, it may be possible to reimburse part of the travel expenses

We encourage all interested members to apply to participate, and we want to assure you that this will not be the only avenue for involvement. Residents are also encouraged to become the program representative for their program on the Council of Program Representatives, which will be the main source of information sharing during negotiations. There are a number of other committees that will also be indirectly involved with negotiations that are actively seeking members

To put your name forward to the negotiations committee please complete this application form. Applications will close September 16th, at noon PST.

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author: Michelle Seymour