Announcing the 2022-2023 RDBC President and Directors

We are pleased to announce that a vote was held within the Board of Directors on August 24, 2022 for the new Resident Doctors of BC President and Executive Directors. Please welcome Dr. Soma Dalai as the new Resident Doctors of BC President for the 2022-2023 year.

Dr. Dalai is a third year resident in Internal Medicine, passionate about negotiating better working conditions for residents, improving occupational health and safety, and making sure residents feel supported in contract disputes. This will be Dr. Dalai’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. Dr. Dalai has previously served as the Director of External and Labour Relations and worked intensively with the RDBC Negotiations, External Relations, and Labour Relations Committees. Please find below a personal message from Dr. Dalai:

It is an honour to be elected RDBC President for this year, and I would like to express gratitude to the board and membership for entrusting me with this role. It’s looking to be a momentous year ahead with the introduction our new Executive Director, Lona Cunningham, and the continuation of contract negotiations. As we enter into it, I want to let residents know that your input is always valued, and that I will always be happy to respond directly to any resident questions or concerns this upcoming year. My goal is transparency, and decision-making that always puts resident well being foremost. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Please also welcome Dr. Zach Sagorin (PGY-2, General Surgery) as the new Director of Operations & Finance, Dr. Willow Thickson (PGY-2, Family Medicine – Vancouver Fraser) as the re-elected Director of Resident Affairs & Wellness, and Dr. Harrison Anzinger (PGY-2, Pediatrics – Vancouver Island) as the new Director of External & Labour Relations. All three executive directors will be serving their second terms on the RDBC Board of Directors.

We are also welcoming our new Directors: Dr. Raj Bhui (PGY-2, Psychiatry – Southern Program), Dr. Maya de Vos (PGY-2, Anesthesiology), Dr. Morgan Haines (PGY-2, Emergency Medicine), Dr. Jennifer Labrie (PGY-1, Family Medicine), and Dr. Kevin Chong Yu Wang (PGY-1, Family Medicine).

We are happy to announce that Dr. Devon Mitchell (PGY-3, Emergency Medicine) will be transitioning to the role of Immediate Past President.

Congratulations to our new President, Dr. Soma Dalai, and our new Directors! We are looking forward to working with our 2022-2023 Board of Directors. For a full updated roster and individual bios, please visit our website.

author: Kejia Wang