2018 Awards of Excellence Recipients

The annual Awards of Excellence recognize members of the healthcare community for their contributions to creating an optimal training environment for residents in BC. There were a number of exceptional candidates this year, and we thank everyone for their valuable efforts. The recipients of the year’s awards are as follows:

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit recognizes a resident whose achievements and/or leadership reflect the aims and objectives of Resident Doctors of BC. The award is presented annually to a resident who has shown outstanding initiative in resident health and well-being, promotion of the role of residents in the health care system, or advocacy and representation of residents leading to improved work or learning environments.

Recipient: Dr. Vincent Wong

Dr. Vincent Wong is a PGY-2 Family Medicine resident whose nominators praise him for the exceptional leadership skills he has shown throughout residency, as well as the projects he has been involved with, which have contributed to the enhancement of resident education and development. Through his involvement in numerous committees representing residents, Dr. Wong has consistently shown support for the advancement of his fellow residents. His active involvement with the Fraser Northwest Divisions of Family Practice has helped develop a module to enhance pharmacy operations-related training for family practice residents and physicians. Dr. Wong has shown dedication, passion and leadership for not only the enhancement of medical education, but also for the overall health of the public.

Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes a physician clinical educator for his or her contributions to residents’ medical education. The recipient will have created a safe learning environment that encourages self-inquiry, supports adult learning, and fosters within learners a desire to achieve their highest potential.

Recipient: Dr. Jasdeep Gill

Dr. Jasdeep Gill is a UBC clinical instructor in Emergency and Family Medicine. His nominators praise him not only for his knowledge and being a preceptor that excels in teaching, but also for his passion in supporting the residents. As a young physician and clinical instructor of the new generation, Dr. Gill is passionate about implying new methods of teaching, and actively incorporates evidence-based medicine in his practice and encourages the residents to do the same. He is innovative in methods of helping the resident be as independant as possible in a short period of time, is mindful of the resident’s wellbeing, and encouraging of enjoying their residency through a balance of work and life. He actively and continuously provides constructive feedback in a way that the resident feels safe during their training, and ensures that his teaching and the workload do not compromise the training process of the resident.

He is also praised by his nominators for being a role model for efficient communication with the patient and compassionate care. Dr. Gill goes above and beyond his responsibilities for the patients, and never hesitates to spend more time and energy with the patients he recognizes as being in need of more care. His work both in the emergency as a CCFP-emergency physician and in the community as a primary care physician has led him to working directly with the authorities, including the Division of Family Medicine in Surrey, to find solutions for the shortages of health care. He was involved as one of the consultants for the new primary care networks and urgent care centres. His work in the community and as a preceptor has him training the residents for leadership, and encourages them to participate in reforming the process of primary care in BC.

Residents’ Advocate Award

The Residents’ Advocate Award recognizes an individual who displays a significant interest in issues of importance to Residents. The award is presented annually to a person who advocates for the personal professional or educational advancement of residents.

Recipient: Dr. Navid Pooyan

Dr. Navid Pooyan is a PGY-2 Family Medicine resident and a co-chief resident at St. Paul’s Hospital. He has gone beyond the expectations of being a co-chief resident and his compassion and leadership are described as leaving legacies for future residents by his nominators. His support to the residents stretches to not only the residents of his site, both Canadian and IMG, but also beyond to the entire Family Medicine program, wherein many IMG residents from various sites of UBC Family Medicine reach out to him to seek help and support. His previous experience as an overseas physician has allowed him to live the experience of coming to BC to practice medicine, and makes it possible for him to be an advocate not only for BC residents, but for IMG residents, as well.

Through his own personal time and effort, Dr. Pooyan has formed a site-specific orientation for the residents from outside of BC who have never previously worked in the province. This orientation has been useful for new residents through its short and efficient format, which includes practical tips and points from senior residents. In the UBC Family Medicine program, he has worked with another resident to help improve the selection process of the IMG residents to allow for a more accurate, efficient, fair and practical selection process.

Drs. Wong, Gill and Pooyan will receive commemoration on a plaque at the Resident Doctors of BC office, a personal commemorative award, and a $1000 donation each to the charity/charities of their choice.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna