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2013 Residents in the Media

As the future of medicine, resident doctors have a vested interest in the health care system, and have valuable input on healthcare in BC. Here are some highlighted stories from 2013.

Dr. Julianna Caon – Medical Press

Dr. Caon was quoted in the Medical Xpress article “Bootcamp targets gap in radiation oncologist training“, published in November of 2013 regarding her involvement in the bootcamp on contouring skills in relation to laryngeal cancer.

UBC Medical Journal

The UBC Medical Journal is a student-run academic journal that often features articles from residents. Including two academic pieces in the September 2013 edition.

Drs. Jess Paul and Andrew Kwasnica – UBC Medicine Vol 9 No 2 (Fall 2013)

As part of UBC’s feature in the Fall 2013 edition on residency outside of Vancouver, Dr. Paul and Dr. Kwasnica discuss their reasons for choosing residencies in New Westminster and Victoria respectively.

Drs. Colwill & Uh – UBC Medicine News

Dr. Mitchell Uh and Ann Marie Colwill were quoted in an article highlighting Dr. Shojania’s Friday afternoon exercise class for all of his residents. Read the article here.

Dr. Sina Alipour – New Westminster Record

As part of a special series on Royal Columbian Hospital, Dr. Sina Alipour completed a Q and A session with reporter Marelle Reid on his role as a chief at RCH. Read their interview here.

Drs. Aneja and Walter – UBC Medicine News

Dr. Kirti Aneja and Suzanne Walter were profile in an article on UBC News about the different paths IMGs take to accessing training in BC. Read the full article here.

Dr. Cam Grose – UBC Medicine Vol 9 No 1 (Spring 2013)

As part of UBC’s Spring 2013 feature on training in Haida Gwaii, Dr. Cam Grose discusses his experience training there as a second year Family Medicine Resident.

Dr. Andrew Neitzel – CBC News

Dr. Neitzel was part of a team that saved a man bitten by a venomous snake in Costa Rica and flew home before receiving treatment. Read about the amazing story here.

Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck – CTV News

As part of a CTV News segment on the new medical dummy at BC Women’s Hospital, Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck was asked her feedback on the new training tool. Watch the full segment.

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author: Michelle Seymour