Resident Lounge Support Program

Upgrade Your Lounge

The Resident Doctors of BC Health & Wellness committee wants to encourage resident wellness by providing funding to upgrade Resident Lounge facilities.


  • Sites with a minimum of 15 FTE Residents
    • Smaller sites with a regular cohort can apply for pro-rated funding
  • Sites with regular in-hospital overnight call
  • Sites with a dedicated learner’s Lounge
  • Examples of upgrades may include clean water, kitchen supplies, cleaning products
  • Resident lounge supplies that are not the responsibility of the employer


  • Applications from Residents at the individual sites will be submitted to the Health & Wellness Committee by September 30 of each academic year for consideration, and funding will be approved for specific initiatives or for a maximum of one year for ongoing monthly expenses.
  • The Health & Wellness Committee will assess each application on its merits and it’s benefit to Residents and make approvals based on the budget presented, the cost of the requested initiative, and the employer’s responsibility to provide specific items
  • Applicants must seek out proper permissions from their site for any items that require modifications to the Resident Lounges, including but not limited to electrical work or plumbing, prior to submitting their request for funding to ensure compliance with Facilities regulations and safety protocols.
  • Applications that require ongoing deliveries or maintenance must identify a Resident who is willing and able to accept delivery or grant access to maintenance personnel
  • RDBC will review sites receiving support on a regular basis to assess the success of the Program
  • Initiatives that involve a one-time expenditure will not be eligible for automatic renewal and purchases may be made by RDBC staff
  • Initiatives will be approved or denied with the intent to maximize the budget while making choices that promote the health & wellness of Residents working overnights and on weekends