Resident-Led Group Sports Funding

Group Sports by Residents, for Residents

All Plan Your Own Socials and Group Sports must adhere to the PHO’s orders on social gatherings at the time of your application.

If the PHO’s orders change before your event occurs, and you wish to host your event under these new orders, a new application must be submitted at least three business days in advance of your event.

Resident Doctors of BC wants to encourage Residents to participate in group sporting activities that include members from all specialties, years and sites.

RDBC Health & Wellness committee will sponsor Group Sports activities planned and executed by Residents, to a maximum of $750 per Group Sport, per year.

Submit a written proposal to RDBC by email at ( Include your idea, estimated budget, and contact information for the event.

Be sure to fill out the Application Form, Sign-In Sheet, and Feedback Form as appropriate. 



  • Group Sports shall be open to all residents (all years and IMGs) in all programs and sites.
  • A Maximum yearly amount of $750 per Group Sport will be sponsored upon approval of the application.
  • ‘Group Sports’ refers to team or group sports, that a reasonable number of Residents can do together (IE: Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Dragonboat)
  • High End sports, such as skiing or golf, which would consume the $750 budget for very few participants will not be eligible.
  • Ongoing participation via regularly scheduled game dates or a multi-day tournament is preferred.
  • Venue rentals or sign up costs will be paid in advance to maximize group participation.
  • RDBC will promote approved Group Sport sign-up through our website, social media and Rounds.
  • The organizing Resident will submit brief updates throughout the duration of the Group Sport event, including numbers of participants and pictures to be used on our website and social media pages (verbal consent must be obtained).
  • Resident Doctors of BC must be cc’d on the invitation sent to all residents.
  • Group Sport application must be approved by Resident Doctors of BC and submitted at least one month in advance of the first activity / game / tournament.

*Events with unusually high numbers of resident participation must be submitted for pre-approval to the Finance Committee