Paging Positivity

A Way to Show Appreciation

Paging Positivity is a way for Residents to show their appreciation to other Residents! If someone has done something nice for you, has gone out of their way to help you, or has merely been a presence you appreciate in your program or your site, why not let the world (and them!) know!

We invite Residents to submit anonymous “thank you” notes through the form below, and we will post and share them through our social media channels. We won’t share names, but with enough clues the recipients will recognize themselves, and everyone else will know how much residents contribute to the healthcare system.

Paging Positivity


To an Emergency Medicine Resident, PGY-5:

The best R5 ever – always positive, always kind, always willing to share a smile! Even back when she was off service! Good luck in all your future endeavours.

To a Psychiatry Resident, PGY-2:

Bennett, you have been a great friend and colleague – starting from CTU as MSI3s, now done our second year of residency! It has been so great to work with you, bounce ideas off of you, vent together, and learn together. Looking forward to doing it again in child psych in 6 months!

To an Internal Medicine Resident, PGY-1:

Dear Harj, thank you for being such an inspiration! You are the most hardworking, genuine, caring and thoughtful resident I know. You push yourself constantly and go above and beyond for your patients and colleagues. We admire and appreciate you!

To an excellent friend & colleague in Radiation Oncology, PGY-4:

Michelle makes work fun. She is always smiling and happy. She is a pleasure to work with!!

You rock! To a Resident in Internal Medicine, PGY-3:

Thanks for your commitment to treating people with dignity and compassion. It goes farther than you realize ūüôā

On “Study, Support, and Be Well!” to the following Residents in¬†Anesthesiology, PGY-5:

To Hardy, Marcio, and Chris; throughout this challenging year, you have created a positive and motivating environment to study, work and learn. You’ve pushed me and each other to work hard, and learn to the best of our abilities. Regardless of what happens, being your colleagues has been an honour!

To the amazing friend in Anesthesia:

Thank you for all of the great times we’ve had these last few years!!!¬†¬†And for being around to listen to, and offer support for, whatever major and minor life stresses I’m going through.¬†¬†Best of luck in your exam year!!

To Queen, a PGY-2 Family Med Resident:

You are a slayer and persevere through the toughest of times! You have learned so much this past two years and amaze me with everything you do with confidence and courage! Keep going girl!

To an exemplary Neurology R-4:

Chris is an extremely hardworking resident who has a passion for teaching and motivating those around him. In his spare time he is an accomplished acrobat who actively promotes a healthy life work balance. Thanks for being a trusted colleague and a caring friend!

To the “Best Senior Ever” in Neurosurgery R5:

Serge, known to absolutely the whole hospital for his work ethic, is one of the best seniors anyone could ask for. Seriously this guy doesn’t sleep, stays positive and makes everyone around him feel at ease, even when tensions run high in neurosurg. Keep up the amazing work!

To the ‘awesome’ Neurology PGY-5 Resident:

Thanks for being such a great role model for all of the junior residents. You are always present in the program – you come to every halfday case and are keen to lead case rounds for us. You always check-in and have a great way of using humor to help in busy, stressful situations. Thank you!!!

To Vishal, an Anesthesia PGY-5:

Vishal in an incredible resident and friend. He works diligently in his program, and has advocated for residents throughout his 5 years in residency. He will be a huge loss to the province of BC when he moves on to his fellowship. Thank you Vishal for all you do!

To Meghan in Family Medicine, Fraser PGY-2:

Meghan is the warm, chocolatey, gooey stuff that keeps the Fraser Family med R2 cohort together. She is always checking in on whomever is missing or whomever she knows is having a hard time. She makes the best treats and gives the best hugs and never forgets a birthday. We appreciate you!

To “the best Junior ever”:

Vlatka is reliable, very thorough, and detail-oriented in her work ethic. Nothing gets past her! Made several key diagnoses, and picked up on deteriorating patients. On top if it she’s got a great sense of humour, intelligent, and a great team player. Good job! Wish she switched into our program…

To the gem of General Surgery, PGY-3:

I saw you consent a patient for urgent surgery in the most compassionate and informative way I ever have. I witnessed you treat all of your colleagues (no matter how junior) and patients with the utmost regard. You are a gem of General Surgery, giving me hope that times are changing!

To an amazing friend in Paediatrics Oncology, PGY-6:

Rachel is amazing with children. She can naturally put them at ease with her genuine smile and beautiful spirit. On top of that, she is hard working, intelligent and an excellent friend who is always up for an adventure outdoors.

To Dr. Mihalio Veljovic in Internal Medicine, PGY-2:

I’d like to thank Dr. Mihalio Veljovic for helping me survive my first week in CCU. I have been terrified of starting residency, but Dr. Veljovic went out of his way to show me how to use the new EHR and computer systems, give me tips on my consults and teach me medicine along the way. Thank you!

To the superstar Psychiatry PGY-3:

You are the paragon of excellence with regards to building rapport with patients. Your supervisors and patients consistently describe you as an exemplary clinician through-and-through. Keep up the good work!

To an inspiring Neurology Resident:

Chris Uy is enthusiastic, outgoing, and an extremely knowledgeable neurology resident. As a senior he was very keen on teaching and ensuring that everyone had a great educational experience on service

To a special Anesthesia Resident:

Thank you for looking out when I was going through a rough stretch of work.  I know as residents we are all busy but you took the time to ask how I was doing and offered to take me to do something other than work to break the work cycle.  Thank you for being kind and caring.

To a Psychiatry PGY-3 who is awesome:

To Siri: You set an example with your resilience and optimism in the face of struggle. You encourage others to achieve their fullest potential with your constant positivity.

To a Pediatrics PGY-2 who is inspiring:

To the amazing Peds Resident who has gotten me through many a tough shift. Whether it’s a difficult case, maltreatment from a supervisor, 120 hour work weeks, I could be in tears on the phone and she is always inspiring me,  lifting me up, shines positively, and finds the silver linings.

To a Bad*** Woman Surgery Resident in Urology PGY-2:

Shoutout to one of the best resident role models for women in surgery.
Khat is the bad*** female urology resident who makes her crazy difficult lifestyle look like a breeze. She always looks put together and stylish while working harder than anyone else. Show ’em that you can do it all!

To a Superwoman Emerg Student in PGY-5:

Kelsey is the resident who does it all. Not only was she the chief resident of one of the largest residency programs in BC, she does research, simulations, and is brilliant as well. Congrats to her finishing her Royal College Exams!

To Allison Gregory in Dermatology:

Your awesomeness and presence in our program will be missed as you transition into the ‘real’ world.¬†¬†Thank you for being a positive influence as our senior.¬†¬†Even as you were disappearing into your books and studying, you always made an effort to be there for us young ones.