After Hours Food Program

For Rural Sites

The Resident Doctors of BC Health & Wellness Committee wants to encourage resident wellness by providing funding for snacks and easily accessible food in the Resident Lounges for residents working In-Hospital Overnight and 24-hour Weekend In-Hospital Call. This program is available at distributed learning sites that have no commercial food service options after 4:00 PM on evenings and/or weekends.


  • A maximum of $200.00 per calendar month (not block) will be reimbursed with receipts per site
  • Each qualifying hospital site must designate one resident to make purchases for the program
  • Purchases will be made with the intent to maximize the budget while making a variety of choices that promote the health and wellness of residents working  in-hospital overnight and weekend shifts
  • Funding must be used to supply items throughout the month
  • Purchases will be made by the designated resident(s) for all residency programs at that site
  • Program Sites with more than one hospital will have the funding divided up between the hospitals
  • This application is for a one year term and will require mid-year feedback to remain eligible
  • Renewal will be dependent on an annual review and re-application process
  • RDBC reserves the right to cancel funding during the approved year on a case by case basis
  • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis

Applications must be submitted by September 30 of each year to be considered for funding until the following September.  



Eligible sites will be defined as meeting each of the following criteria:

  • Sites with a minimum of 15 FTE residents
    • Smaller sites with a regular cohort can apply for pro-rated funding
  • Sites and programs with required regular in-hospital overnight call
  • Geographically distributed sites per the 2020-2021 Board of Directors definition:
    • St. John
    • Prince George
    • Kelowna
    • Penticton
    • Kootenay Boundary / Kamloops
    • Victoria
    • Nanaimo
    • Strathcona
  • Sites with a dedicated Learner’s Lounge
  • Sites that do not have any options for food service within 15 minutes walking (round trip) of the hospital after 4pm and/or on weekends.
  • A resident willing to take responsibility to purchase and maintain food supplies in the location.