Plan Your Own Social

Events by Resident for Residents

Resident Doctors of BC wants to help you and your residency program plan a social event. We will sponsor up to $750 (up to $1,200 if two programs collaborate) towards your program social event.


  • Events shall be organized for all residents (all years and IMGs) in a program or at a site.
  • Events can be a sporting event or social gathering that may include family members.
  • The organizing resident must submit all related expenses with original receipts to Resident Doctors of BC.
  • The organizing Resident must submit a brief post-event report; pictures are also encouraged and can also be submitted if verbal consent has been obtained.
  • Resident Doctors of BC must be cc’d on the invitation sent to all residents.
  • Funding for an event is contingent on compliance with the Resident Doctors of BC Alcoholic Beverage Policy and must be abided by. Failure to comply with the policy will result in suspension of reimbursement for the event and future events.
  • Event must be pre-approved by Resident Doctors of BC and submitted at least one month in advance.
  • Residency programs are limited to $750* per academic year.
  • One residency program is defined as all years of a residency program.
  • Programs are only eligible to apply for one of the following: $750/year for a single program event; $1,200/year for a joint program event; $25 per resident; or $30 per resident for a joint program event (whichever is less).

*Events with unusually high numbers of resident participation must be submitted for pre-approval to the Finance Committee

Programs that have received funding this year (2016-17):

Program Event Date
Emergency Medicine Resident Retreat Aug 3-4, 2016

Past Events: