Physician as Coach

  • June 15 2016
  • 00:00 - 22:00
  • $1,995.00 (30% discount with the code SPRING)

Coaching is increasingly being adopted as part of a support and development strategy in our health care system. When physicians assume formal leadership roles, they are in the position of managing and enabling the performance of others. Coaching is one of the strategies they can use to unlock people’s potential to maximize performance.

This course helps physicians discover ways to practically apply coaching skills in a variety of contexts. These skills can be used to support and optimize the performance of those around them — colleagues, patients, administrators or other stakeholders. You will learn to build a coaching culture that maximizes strengths and supports greater capacity to find creative solutions to challenging situations.

There is a 30% discount when you use the code SPRING while registering. Want to attend for free? The first 3 Resident Doctors of BC members to email will be able to attend the course at no charge.


Canadian Medical Association

1867 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa Ontario


  • Limits:
    40 participants