Connecting Healthcare and Engineering – Medical Innovation Event

  • March 11 2016
  • 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
  • $50

Calling all medical residents with an interest in tech and innovation.

At UBC’s Hatching Health event, you will work together with innovators from different backgrounds to solve healthcare challenges over a weekend. Through networking opportunities, expert mentors and prototyping supplies & facilities, you will have the tools to take healthcare problems to solutions during this event and in the future. As a resident, you are well poised to identify problems in healthcare while they are still fresh to you. We encourage you to apply at the website with a specific problem you’ve noticed in healthcare, and then over the Hatching Health weekend actually work on solving this problem with a team of engineers and designers.

When: March 11 -13, 2016

Where: Engineering Design Center, UBC

Who: Students and Professionals from: Healthcare (ex: Nursing, Pharm, Med), Technical (ex: Engineering, CPSC) and Design (ex: Sauder, Emily Carr)

Only 75 spots available, so apply soon. Check out for applications and more information. Application Deadline: February 26th/2016

*Hatching Health thanks our sponsors: UBC Faculty of Applied Science, GenomeBC, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, UBC Faculty of Medicine Emergency Medicine Department, and the Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments.


Engineering Design Center, UBC

2345 East Mall


The Hatching Health Team

Wayne and William White Engineering Design Center 2345 East Mall


  • Sign ups:
  • Limits:
    75 participants