CMPA Annual General Meeting

  • August 26 2015
  • 01:30 pm - 04:30 pm
  • Free

In accordance with its By-law, the CMPA holds an annual meeting, normally in conjunction with the Canadian Medical Association’s annual meeting, making it possible for members to attend both events. Attendance at the CMPA Annual Meeting is generally restricted to members and invited guests.

During the annual meeting, a review of the previous year’s performance and the audited financial statements are presented; the results of the council election and the aggregate fee requirement for the forthcoming year are announced; any proposed changes to the CMPA’s By-law are discussed and ratified; and questions or concerns from members regarding the Association’s business are addressed.

The meeting is normally followed by an information session on a policy matter of interest to physicians. This year’s topic is “End-of-life care:  Medical-legal issues”


Full details on the event, including an agenda can be found on their website. Important details to note include:

  • Preregistration is not required
  • Presentations and documentation provided at the meeting will be made available online
  • A shuttle linking to the CMA annual meeting will be available

Their annual report is also available for review on their website, as is their strategic plan.


The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel

1181 Hollis Street


Canadian Medial Protective Association

PO Box 8225 Station T, Ottawa Ontario

Phone: 1-800-267-6522