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Practice Management Presentations

Doctors of BC is offering to give presentations on topics related to practice/business management. In the past they have hosted these during academic half day. If you think one of these presentations would be of interest to your program, please contact Julie Kwan at Doctors of BC.






RE: Practice Management Curriculum Presentations for Residents

Dear Residents,

As a not-for-profit organization working for physicians in BC, we have been very active in sponsoring and organizing events involving the resident community. Our recent surveys have indicated that residents are interested in more business management education to prepare them for practice.

Our licensed, non-commissioned Insurance Advisors are frequently invited to speak at resident practice management and academic sessions across BC. We are pleased to offer our complimentary services and advice to your residents as well.

Some presentation/workshop topics that are frequently requested include:

  • Transition to Practice – overview of insurance and benefits
  • Insurance Planning during Resident Years
  • Insurance Planning as a Practicing Physician
  • Negotiated Benefits
  • Investment, wealth, and tax planning (presented in conjunction with partners like MD Financial Management Ltd.)
  • Considerations when Owning your Own Office

Presentations can be scheduled for 15 minutes for a brief overview to 60 minutes for a comprehensive discussion including case studies and examples. The presentations can be non-branded and non-promotional.

If you would like to inquire about scheduling a presentation or workshop, please contact me at jkwan@doctorsofbc.ca, 604-638-8745 or toll-free at 1-800-665-2262 ext. 8745.

We hope to be of meaningful service to your medical residents. Thank you.


Julie Kwan, CFP, CLU, GBA

Business Development Manager, Insurance



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