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Doctors of BC Referendum

Have your say in helping shape the future: Doctors of BC Referendum

Doctors of BC is in the midst of an important referendum which proposes changes to its governance structure – changes we hope will help shape the Association into one that is more nimble, proactive, and better able to understand and respond to members’ needs, no matter your area of practice, your year of practice, or where in the province you practice.

The proposed governance model would see the current 39-member Board, the largest of any provincial Medical Association, replaced with a dual, more effective structure:

  • A 9-member Board that will be more flexible, nimble, and timely in its decision-making on behalf of all members, and
  • A new 104-member Representative Assembly to advise and support the Board by providing wide-ranging member representation from:
    • all geographical areas;
    • GPs/FPs, specialists, and all sections;
    • those practicing in rural and First Nations communities;
    • medical students and residents;
    • members in early years of practice.

This new structure would provide broader representation for the entire membership, and includes voices that are currently missing – such as those of residents. Developed by the Governance Committee and endorsed by the current Doctors of BC board, the proposed model was informed by extensive member feedback over a two year period in which members clearly told us they want their association to be more relevant in their professional lives – to better understand their professional needs at the local and community level. This model will enable Doctors of BC to better understand all of our members, and more effectively govern the Association.

The information you need to make an informed decision can be found on the Doctors of BC website. All eligible members would have received an email from Everyone Counts Canada on Tuesday, December 6th inviting them to cast their vote. This email includes a link to the voting site, as well as all necessary information. If you did not receive this email or you have questions regarding the proposed changes, please contact voting@doctorsofbc.ca.

You are the future of this Association – have your say in helping shape its future.


**This article was written and provided by Doctors of BC. 

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author: Melissa Nilan