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Doctors of BC Election

Doctors of BC will be holding a run-off election for the President-Elect position. See below for their media release:

New election to be held for President-Elect

Jun 1 2015 – 16:31

Statement from Allan Seckel, QC
Chief Electoral Officer and CEO, Doctors of BC

“A verification of the results in the vote for President-Elect has been completed.

As part of the process, Everyone Counts Canada found – independently of anyone at the Doctors of BC – that one vote that ought to have been counted, was in fact not counted.

With that vote included, the result is a tie between Dr Brian Day and Dr Alan Ruddiman.

As Chief Electoral officer, it is my responsibility to ensure an impartial outcome and a fair process. I have concluded that a run-off vote will be held between the two candidates. It will start June 5th and conclude June 18th.  All members in good standing who are eligible to vote under the bylaws will be eligible to vote in the run-off.“


All residents who are members in good standing with Doctors of BC are eligible to vote. The polls close at 11:59 pm on June 18th, information on the candidates and how to get a ballot if you did not receive one can be found here: https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/news/important-run-election-voting-information-members

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author: Michelle Seymour