Volunteer with RDBC

Leave your mark on residency

Resident Doctors of BC has a variety of committees residents are welcome to join, as well as project teams available throughout the year. We are looking to recruit members who are eager to leave their mark on the residency experience in BC. If there is a topic you are passionate about, let us know and we’ll be happy to accept your volunteer application.

For a full list of all committees, their members and yearly goals, please visit our Committees page.

  • Governance Committee

    This committee addresses issues pertaining to the Constitution and by-laws or Resident Doctors of BC and creates or updates polices that are directly related to the administration of the organization.

  • Health & Wellness Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to facilitate events of interest to residents and to increase member participation in events.

  • Pulse Podcast

    The Pulse Podcast is a monthly show run by resident Dr. Geoff Frost. Topics are curated around Residency life: from financial literacy, to parenting, to personal tips and advice, the Pulse Podcast aims to connect with our Residents and provide them with resources to assist them during their time in Residency.

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