Most Commonly Used

To make it easier to submit the various requests residents might have, Resident Doctors of BC provides forms that help us gather all the necessary information to properly review and respond to your request as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can find the most commonly used forms below.


Call Stipends

Calls can be entered immediately after they occur, and will be accepted up until 30 days after the end of the block.

Collective Agreement booklet

Collective Agreement Violation

If you have noticed something, or experienced a situation that you feel violated the Collective Agreement, please contact Resident Doctors of BC, so we may review the matter.

Dues Authorization Form

Every Resident is required, as a condition of employment, to authorize deduction of RDBC dues, or an amount equivalent to RDBC dues, from his / her remuneration.

Candian 5 dollar bills

Reimbursement Form

Eligible expenses may be reimbursed at the discretion of the Director of Finance. To submit an expense for reimbursement, please ensure the necessary fields are filled out, and provide original receipts with your form.

Hospital Update

Share your knowledge of a site with your fellow residents, or add a new one to our list.

clock in industrial building

Late Call Stipends

Call cannot be submitted more than 30 days after the end of the block. If you failed to submit your call within the allowable time frame, you may apply for review by the JIC. Late call is reviewed after Block 13 and payment is not guaranteed, as approval is at the committee’s discretion.

Residents at 2015 RDBC Orientation Reception

Orientation Expenses

Please complete this form to submit expenses for the 2018 New Member Orientation; all forms must be post marked by July 7th to be considered.

Emerg residents jumping into lake

Plan Your Own Social

Request funding to host your own social. Please read the guidelines before submitting a request.

Peds residents at volleyball

Plan Your Own Social – Feedback Report

Socials that are provided funding through Plan Your Own Social are required to complete the Feedback Report in order to receive reimbursement .



Call schedules that do not conform to the established call rules may apply for a variance. Variances and variance requests are reviewed once per academic year by a committee which includes representatives from Resident Doctors of BC, HEABC and UBC.