Board of Directors

2022 - 2023

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Resident Doctors of BC. Directors are elected annually by the membership, and are subject to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws. They are responsible for Resident Doctors of BC initiatives, strategic plan, and communications. They ensure the association meets its purpose and mission statement.

The Board meets every four to six weeks, interested members are welcome to attend as guests. To RSVP for an upcoming meeting or to contact the Board, please email the Board Coordinator at

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Soma Dalai

Dr. Soma Dalai


Soma is a third year resident in Internal Medicine. This is her second year as a RDBC Board Director. In her PGY-1 year, she served as an Internal Medicine representative on the RDBC Council of Program Representatives. Her priorities will be negotiating more humane working conditions for residents, improving occupational health and safety, and making sure residents feel supported in contract disputes.

Devon CaRMS

Dr. Devon Mitchell

Immediate Past President

Devon is a third year resident in Emergency Medicine, passionate about public policy and working with policymakers to advocate for patients and residents alike. This will be his third term on the RDBC Board of Directors. He has worked previously on the executives of the UBC Medical Undergraduate Society and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. For this academic year, Devon’s focus will be on Negotiations, where he will strive to ensure that residents will be informed of policy decisions, residents’ input will be valued, and improving residents’ personal, professional and financial wellness remains top priority for RDBC. When Devon isn’t in the ED or working on a policy file, you can find him jogging the Seawall or listening to the latest Taylor Swift album on repeat.

zach sagorin

Dr. Zach Sagorin

Director of Operations and Finance

Zach is a second year resident in General Surgery. This will be Zach’s second year on the RDBC Board of Directors. A graduate of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, Zach enjoyed serving as the President of the UBC Medical Undergraduate Society and plans to bring the skills he learned to his term on the RDBC Board. His administrative interests include equity, finance, planetary health and education. Outside of the hospital, Zach enjoys working out, board sports (surfing/snowboarding), reading science fiction, and learning how to play tennis.

Willow Thickson

Dr. Willow Thickson

Director of Resident Affairs and Wellness

Willow is a first year Family Medicine resident in the Vancouver Fraser program in the Lower Mainland. This will be Willow’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. She earned both her Bachelor’s Degree and her MD at the University of British Columbia. Passionate about advocacy, representation and leadership, Willow has been involved with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students as a national officer, and was involved with the Medical Undergraduate Student Council since her first year in medicine. She is especially passionate about Indigenous health, global health and social justice.

Harrison Anzinger

Dr. Harrison (Harry) Anzinger

Director of External and Labour Relations

Harry is a second year paediatrics resident in the Vancouver Island stream. He grew up in Edmonton and completed both his undergraduate and medical studies at the University of Alberta. This will be Harry’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. He is super excited to be in British Columbia and immensely enjoys the fantastic scenery, people, and medical training that the province offers. As a RDBC Director, Harry plans to ensure new residents’ voices and concerns are heard, and will continue to explore different ways for distributed residents to feel integrated with the larger UBC medical community.

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Dr. Raj Bhui


Raj is a second-year UBC Psychiatry resident and the pilot resident for the department’s new Southern Program. Originally from BC, he has a background in business administration, information technology, and healthcare innovation with additional experience in healthcare leadership, quality improvement, policy, and entrepreneurship. He has worked and collaborated closely with various Boards, Committees, and other organizations at the local, regional, provincial, state, national, and international levels for many years. This will be Raj’s first term on the RDBC Board of Directors, where he hopes to help all UBC residents succeed by using his unique past experience and skills to strengthen and help guide the organization in further engaging, supporting, and advocating for all resident members.


Dr. Maya de Vos


Maya is a second-year resident in anesthesiology. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern British Columbia and her MD at the University of British Columbia Island Medical Program. This will be Maya’s first term on the RDBC Board of Directors, but she has already been involved in advocating for students through the Medical Education Committee and Wellness Initiative Network. She is excited to engage with residents across BC and to work towards improving resident wellness, benefits, and leadership transparency.

Karan d'souza

Dr. Karan D’Souza


Karan is a fourth year resident in general surgery. He completed most of his education and training, including medical school, at the University of British Columbia. This will be Karan’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. Previously, Karan has been involved in leadership and advocacy through the UBC Medical Undergraduate Society, the UBC Senate, the Canadian Federation for Medical Students, and Doctors of BC. His ongoing focus on the nexus between clinical research and health policy stems from a passion for amplifying the voices of his patients, peers and colleagues. He is looking forward to working with the board on key issues including membership engagement and communication, transition to practice preparation, and strengthening equity and diversity efforts.

thumbnail_Morgan Haines - CARMS

Dr. Morgan Haines


Morgan is a second-year Emergency Medicine resident. This will be Morgan’s first term on the RDBC Board of Directors. Originally from North Vancouver, Morgan can often be found getting lost in the forest or going for a hike with an over-the-top first aid kit. This will be his first year joining the RDBC Board and he is looking forward to working with the team to advocate for residents across the province.

Jennifer Labrie

Dr. Jennifer (Jennie) Labrie


Jennifer is a first-year Family Medicine resident in UBC’s Coastal program. This will be Jennifer’s first term on the RDBC Board of Directors. She earned her undergraduate degree in commerce at the Sauder School of Business (UBC) and worked for some time in marketing before pivoting and pursuing her passion for medicine at the Max Rady College of Medicine in Manitoba. She’s thrilled to have come home to Beautiful BC and run every trail she can find and climb every mountain she can see, and passionate about advocating for fellow residents, ensuring that every resident is supported throughout residency professionally, personally, and financially. She is looking forward to advocating for support for transition to practice preparation and securing adequate financial support for residents across BC (accounting for the increased COL associated with living in BC!).

Daniel Lu

Dr. Daniel Lu


Daniel is a third year psychiatry resident based out of Vancouver. Prior to moving to British Columbia, he completed his degrees at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. This will be Daniel’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. Daniel is excited to engage in work that will improve resident education and representation with external stakeholders. He is particularly interested in working with the other provincial health organizations and providing iterative resident feedback on the implementation of Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME).


Dr. Isaac Rodin


Isaac is a second year psychiatry resident in Vancouver. He was born in Winnipeg, grew up in Calgary, lived in Montreal for his undergraduate degree, and then moved to Vancouver for medical school. After bouncing around the country, he fell in love with British Columbia and was grateful to be able to stay for residency. This will be Isaac’s second term with the RDBC Board of Directors. Isaac is excited to engage with fellow residents to help ensure that the voices of residents across BC are heard and valued. Isaac’s dreams include becoming a contestant on Survivor and meeting Bruce Springsteen.


Dr. Kevin Chong Yu Wang


Kevin is a first year Family Medicine resident. This will be Kevin’s first term on the RDBC Board of Directors. He has previously served both rural and urban communities as a community pharmacist prior to returning to UBC for his MD training through the Northern Medical Program. Kevin has a keen interest in partnership, innovation and entrepreneurship. He hopes to help residents better adapt to a changing economic landscape and expanding the scope of transitioning to practice preparations.


Dr. Julie Wong


Julie is a third year resident in Urology. Born and raised in Vancouver, she earned a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering at McGill University before returning to Vancouver for medical school. This will be Julie’s second term on the RDBC Board of Directors. With previous experience as a Program Representative on the RDBC Council of Program Representatives, she is looking forward to continuing to advocate for improvements to resident call and increasing member engagement. In her spare time, you can find her fashioning elaborate baked goods, running, or listening to Broadway musical soundtracks on loop.


Ms. Lona Cunningham

Executive Director

Doris Liu

Ms. Doris Liu

Medical Undergraduate Society Representative