Welcome Council of Program Representatives!

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A special shout-out to everyone who has signed up to represent their programs on CoPR.  Thank you for taking the time to look out for your fellow residents!

Anatomical Pathology:  Dr. Deidre Ongaro

Anesthesiology:  Dr. Julena Foglia and Dr. Kate Mittermaier

Cardiology:  Dr. Mia Bertic, Dr. Joshua Wenner

Clinician Investigator Program:  Dr. Keerit Tauh

Diagnostic Radiology:  Dr. Rav Dhatt and Dr. Dennis Parhar

Emergency Medicine Fraser Region:  Dr. Riley Golby

Emergency Medicine Interior:  Dr. Britt Bailey

Emergency Medicine Vancouver:  Dr. Jocelyn Andruko

Emergency Medicine Vancouver Island:  Dr. Donovan MacDonald

Endocrinology & Metabolism:  Dr. Rebecca Ronsley

Family Medicine Chilliwack:  Dr. Ryan Gant

Family Medicine Coastal:  Dr. Hyun-Kyoung Koo and Dr. Christina Weisstock

Family Medicine Kamloops:  Dr. Linda Jiao

Family Medicine Northern Rural Prince George:  Dr. Anatoly Gusev and Dr. Claire Sakiyama

Family Medicine Rural Fort St. John:  Dr. Prasenjit Das

Family Medicine Rural Northwest:  Dr. Sophie Harrison

Family Medicine Rural Okanagan:  Dr. Jesse Thompson and Dr. Aleksandar Brezar

Family Medicine St. Paul’s Hospital:  Dr. Conrad Tsang

Family Medicine Surrey South Fraser:  Dr. Namrta Vashisht

Family Medicine Fraser:  Dr. Nav Sidhu and Dr. Ana Maria Gomez

Family Medicine Vancouver Island – Strathcona:  Dr. Sophie Waterman

Family Medicine Victoria:  Dr. Keanan Augereau

Family Medicine Okanagan South:  Dr. Andrew Ashley

General Surgery Vancouver:  Dr. Anu Ghuman and Dr. Vivian Ma

Hematological Pathology:  Dr. Krista Marcon

Infectious Diseases – Adult:  Dr. Sylvain Lother

Internal Medicine Vancouver:  Dr. Sean Addison and Dr. Curtis Williams

Internal Medicine Vancouver Island:  Dr. Roberto Trasolini

Medical Genetics and Genomics:  Dr. Brandon Chalazan

Medical Oncology:  Dr. Eric Eckbo

Neurology – Adult:  Dr. Lily Zhou

Neurosurgery:  Dr. Serge Makarenko

Opthalmology:  Dr. Gelareh Noureddin

Orthopedic Surgery:  Dr. Oliver Gagne

Otolaryngology:  Dr. Michael Yong and Dr. Dianne Valenzuela

Pediatric Hematology / Oncology:  Dr. Natasha Datoo

Pediatrics Vancouver:  Dr. Meriem Latrous

Plastic Surgery:  Dr. Sophie Schlaginweit

Psychiatry Fraser:  Dr. Jane Yoo

Psychiatry Vancouver:  Dr. Claire Docherty and Dr. Patrick McDonald

Public Health & Preventative Medicine:  Dr. Alexandra Choi

Urology:  Dr. Matthew Ho

If you want to ensure your program has a voice on the Council of Program Representatives, you can see the complete list of open programs here.

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