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CMA & Joule: The Next Step

Taking the next big step with CMA and Joule

The CMA’s New in Practice guide contains everything you need to know about transitioning to practice — in one place.

Our team of practice management experts and physicians have developed the New in Practice guide to provide you with useful information about your new career, including the financial, legal and administrative matters that will play key roles in your future success.

But what if you’ve set your sights on something a bit different, innovative?

Whether you’re just starting your residency or are well into it, Joule™ understands the challenges you face every day. This is the point in your career when theories are put to the practical test and you are learning the ins and outs of practicing medicine within established institutions and systems. At some point in this journey you may have an idea to fix something that isn’t working as well as it could or a new ground-breaking product. If so, Joule is here to help.

In the past four months, Joule has gone from launching its brand to positioning itself and Canadian Medical Association (CMA) members as game-changers in Canadian health innovation. Don’t get me wrong, physician innovation has been alive and well in this country for some time. However, with the introduction of Joule, there is finally an organization facilitating physician-led innovation—one that believes physicians are uniquely positioned to drive change in health innovation and one whose membership organization has the trust of over 83,000 members.

When the CMA launched Joule on April 24, 2016, we also launched our Joule Innovation™ program with the intention of fostering connections between entrepreneurial physicians and creating opportunities that might ease their innovation journeys. Whether through innovation grants and labs, health hacking events, or through the delivery of trusted products and services, Joule is determined to be the catalyst physicians need to grow their ideas.

In June, less than two months from our official launch, we closed our first round of grants with CMA members submitting 126 submissions—28 of which were considered finalists. We could not have anticipated how well-received our program would be. I am absolutely certain that it is a result of us filling a long-standing void. We are thrilled to fill this gap and thrilled to serve CMA members in this capacity.

After putting those 28 applications through a rigorous review process, Joule was proud and humble to award $150,000 in grants to five CMA members—two of whom are medical residents.). What is more, we made the announcement at Joule’s inaugural Joule H2™ Design Day in Vancouver on August 20, where we, with the help of our partner, Hacking Health, hosted 8 teams of physicians – one-third of who were medical residents – in an opportunity to work with creative coaches and designers within a methodology designed to hone innovation skills.

We’re only four months into our innovation journey but I can’t tell you just how optimistic I am. The CMA members who we’ve engaged with so far don’t just remind you that the possibilities are endless, but that the possibilities are also within reach. As medical residents, we think this should make you feel optimistic too.

On behalf of Joule, I extend my sincerest congratulations to our grant recipients. To medical residents we thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to do everything we can to make it easier for you to be at your best. You deserve nothing less.

The next round of Joule Innovation grants is open to all CMA members and closes May 1, 2017. Are you ready? We are.

author: Melissa Nilan