Scheduling & Stat Holidays

All Residents are entitled to either a day off on a statutory holiday or an alternate day off, which is commonly called a lieu day. Residents who have worked on a statutory holiday are entitled to pay that is double their normal daily pay rate, except for Good Friday, Christmas, and Labour Day, where they are entitled to 2.5 times their normal daily rate. Please see Article 11 of the Collective Agreement for details.

After a stat day has been worked, Residents report the stat on an online form administered by UBC. For questions about this form and submitting for stat pay, contact your program assistant/administrator.

There are two types of stat days:

Fixed Weekday Stats

Fixed Calendar Date Stats

Family Day (Monday)

Good Friday (Friday)

Easter Monday (Monday)

Victoria Day (Monday)

BC Day (Monday)

Labour Day (Monday)

Thanksgiving Day (Monday)

New Years Day (January 1)

Canada Day (July 1)*

Remembrance Day (November 11)

Christmas Day (December 25)

Boxing Day (December 26)

* The Canada Day stat is observed on a fixed calendar date, July 1st, except when July 1st falls on a Sunday. In this instance only, the stat moves to July 2nd. Stat pay is only available to those who work on July 2nd.

In any given year, some of the calendar date stats may fall on a weekend. Although the Monday immediately following the stat is often taken as the lieu day, it is not a stat day itself, and working on the lieu day will not result in additional pay.

Holiday Break

Every resident is entitled to 5 consecutive days off during the 12-day period that encompasses Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day and two full weekends. These 5 days will account for the three statutory holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, and 2 weekend days. Residents who take the 5 days will not receive in-lieu days if they are scheduled to work on one of the statutory holidays, although they are still entitled stat pay. These 5 days can be taken at any mutually agreed upon (between the resident and the program) time during the specified period. For example, the 5 days could be Monday-Friday (meaning residents could be scheduled on the weekends for call), or the 5 days could be Wednesday-Sunday (with the resident working the beginning of the week).