Contract Violation Form

Report an Issue to Resident Doctors of BC

If you have questions about your residency and/or Collective Agreement, would like advice or just to chat, please use our Contact Form.

If you would like to file a grievance or informal complaint, please proceed with the form below.

Please use this form to report any violations of the Collective Agreement. Resident Doctors of BC will work with you and others involved to resolve the issue, this may be done informally, or formally through the grievance procedure described below.

Informal complaints will be kept confidential and not escalated unless you give us permission to share these details with the pertinent parties (UBC or HEABC). Informal complaints keep RDBC appraised of contract violations/concerns and enable us to strongly advocate for residents without sharing your personal information.

All requests to file a Grievance (as outlined below) must be approved by the RDBC Labour Relations Committee and Board. Please note that for RDBC to file a grievance on your behalf, your name and details will most likely be disclosed.

Grievance Procedure

A grievance is when there is a disagreement between the resident(s) and the Employer, or Resident Doctors of BC and the Employer, concerning the interpretation, application or operation of the Collective Agreement; or if there is a violation of the Collective Agreement.

The resident will continue to preform his/her duties until the grievance is settled.

Resident Doctors of BC will look into the complaint prior to contacting the Health Authority for the hospital/facility in which the violation has occurred to ensure that a speedy resolution can be pursued.

All correspondence will be copied and sent to HEABC

After notifying Resident Doctors of BC the resolution mechanism is as follows:

Stage One

Within 14 calendar days of the occurrence, or 14 calendar days of the resident becoming aware of the matter, Resident Doctors of BC will write the Employer regarding the grievance. A meeting with the Employer and Resident Doctors of BC will then happen within 21 calendar days following the written notice. A written reply will be provided to Resident Doctors of BC.

If a settlement is NOT reached then:

Stage Two

Within 21 calendar days of the written reply from stage 1, Resident Doctors of BC will again submit the written grievance to the employer. The matter will be discussed between Resident Doctors of BC and the Employer.

If after Stage 2 a settlement is still not reached the process moves to arbitration.


Within 30 calendar days of the receipt of reply from Stage 2, if either Resident Doctors of BC or the Employer may express their desire for arbitration in writing.

The other party has 15 calendar days to agree to arbitration.

The arbitrator (selected from the list enumerated in Article 4) has full power to resolve the difference and their decision is final and binding.