Insurance and Disability

Professional liability insurance, provided by the Canadian Medical Protective Association, is mandatory under the Collective Agreement in order to protect both residents and patients. It provides comprehensive coverage and is tax deductible. The cost of coverage is based on the type of work an region.

Long Term Disability is also mandatory as per the Collective Agreement. We have negotiated comprehensive LTD plans with two companies that we feel provide residents with suitable coverage during residency and after graduation. However, residents are free to select any provider for their LTD coverage.

Canadian Medical Protective Association Rates for 2018

If you are working in more than one fee region, please contact CMPA directly for the rate.


Type of Work

Annual Cost

Monthly Cost


Residents & Fellows – No moonlighting – Residents registered in a postgraduate medical education program, international medical graduates registered in a program to obtain a license for independent practice and clinical fellows and physicians pursuing a structured university affiliated program.Includes extra resident shifts, but will not include CMPA assistance in medical-legal difficulties arising from independent practice of medicine outside the program. $2,244.00 $187.00


Residents — With moonlighting/restricted registration — extracurricular (outside of a residency training program) practice of medicine by residents registered in a postgraduate medical education program leading to certification with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) or a provincial or territorial medical regulatory authority (College).

  • Will generally include eligibility for CMPA assistance in medical-legal difficulties arising from independent practice of medicine outside of the program whether remunerated or not.
  • Residents who moonlight must hold licensure or registration acceptable to the regulatory authority (College) in the jurisdiction where the moonlighting takes place.
  • Residents who limit their clinical activities to moonlighting (e.g. locum) for more than two consecutive weeks must change to a practising physician code.
  • Clinical fellows who moonlight must select the appropriate practising physician code, not code 14.
$2,244.00 $187.00