Variance Form

The per-call payment system was introduced in BC on July 1, 2013, bringing BC in line with the call payment systems across English-speaking Canada. A Joint Implementation Committee with members from Resident Doctors of BC, UBC and HEABC was formed to prepare for this transition.

One of the challenges we anticipated was the discovery of call schedules which do not conform with the call rules outlined in Article 19.01 and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Resident Doctors of BC recognizes that strict application of these rules is not conducive to patient safety, resident education or wellness. For example, the common practice of regular weekend home call and night float schedules do not comply with these rules.

Variances are reviewed once per academic year by the committee; a letter will be sent to those involved in submitting the form once it has been reviewed, either approving, denying, or to request more information.

For schedules that do not align with the call schedule rules in Article 19.01 of the Collective Agreement, Residents, and/or Program Directors may fill out the form below.

Questions can be directed to

Please complete the form, or download the PDF and submit it to

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    Instructions: Please complete the following four sections. The information provided will be used by the Joint Implementation Committee to reach a decision regarding the variance request. The following principles will guide these decisions:

    • Protection of patient safety
    • Protection of resident safety and wellness
    • Enhancement of resident education
    • Financially feasible


    Reason for Variance Request:

    Describe the proposed schedule. Alternative, a representative sample schedule may be used

    Sample Schedule

    Rationale for proposed schedule

    Resident Representative name and contact information