Medical & Dental

Benefits are administered by BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS). Extended Health and Dental are provided through Pacific Blue Cross. Full details can be found in the Group Benefits Plan, which includes Group Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Dental and Extended Health. Benefits begin after one month of employment (August 1st for those who start on July 1st). The Employer pays 90% of the premiums. If you have not received your benefits card within two months of your start date, please contact BCCSS to ensure your paperwork is in order, and your contact information is correct.

PharmaCare is part of this benefit plan, so only drugs covered by Pharmacare are covered by the benefits plan. Search the Pharmacare Formulary for drugs that have been reviewed and are covered.

The Employer pays the premiums for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). Coverage begins 1 month after enrolment (August 1st, if you begin residency on July 1st). MSP coverage for residents who are new to BC can take up to three months due to a mandatory waiting period.

Once the mandatory waiting period has ended, you will receive a letter from MSP to the address provided in your paperwork with a confirmation of your enrolment and instructions to visit an ICBC Diver’s Licensing Office in order to obtain a photo BC Services Card (this can also be combined with your BC Driver’s License). Please contact BCCSS to follow-up if you have not received anything from MSP.

All necessary forms are provided in the Resident Appointment Package, and processed by BCCSS. To update your information, such as change of address or dependents, or to inquire about the status of your benefits please contact BCCSS.

Phone: 1-866-875-5306

Fax: 604-297-9316


Mail: 1795 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5C 6E3

Sick Leave

  • What Sick Leave am I eligible for?

    Residents receive paid sick benefits at the beginning of residency. The length of sick leave is determined by the date you are eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage through your plan. Usually it is anywhere between 3 and 6 months, depending on the provisions in your plan. If you did not purchase your LTD plan, sick leave can only cover you for up to 5 months. LTD is extremely difficult to get once you have had a sick leave as most plans require underwriting and will not cover you if you have had a history of illness. This is why it is crucial to purchase LTD at the start, to make sure you are insured in case of illness. Article 10 of the Collective Agreement states:

    The Employer Shall not cause a Resident to suffer loss of pay or benefits due to sickness or accident while in a Residency Program.

  • If I am on sick leave do my benefits continue?

    Yes, during sick/maternity/parental leave, your benefits are considered continuous. The only time a resident is not eligible for benefits is on an extended unpaid leave.

    You will still continue paying for Extended Medical and Dental while on leave. The 10% that you currently pay while working will be continue to be deducted from your pay cheque each pay period.

  • Will Sick Leave extend my residency?

    As with any other leave, time away from residency for sick leave must be made up upon returning to work.

  • What if I need additional sick leaves?

    If you attempt to return to work during the qualification period, but within 31 calendar days cease work because of the same illness, your qualification period may be extended by the number of days you worked.

    If you return to work but within 6 months stop working because of the same illness, or within 31 days for a new illness, your sick leave may be denied.

Workplace Injuries

  • I was injured at work, what should I do?

    Any resident injured on the job is covered by WorkSafe BC. This includes needlestick injuries. Any workplace injury should be reported and an Incident Report should be completed regardless of whether or not you seek treatment, or take time off work. That documentation is your protection should the injury recur in the future and you find yourself requiring treatment or medical leave. This is particularly important when needlestick injuries are involved. Residents are to be treated the same as any other employee at the worksite at which the injury occurred.

    Your employer is the facility or Health Authority where your injury occurred. For example, should the injury occur at VGH your employer on the Incident Report is VGH and you should follow the procedures and protocols of VGH. Should the same incident occur at SPH, SPH is the employer and their procedures and protocols are to be followed.

    Residents also need to call the Workplace Health Call Centre (1-866-922-9464), and report the incident with your WorkSafe BC claim number. If you experience a workplace injury and require assistance please contact Resident Doctors of BC.

  • What if I receive a bill after a workplace injury?

    If you do not already have a case open with WorkSafe BC, please contact them to open a case. WorkSafe BC should cover the bill once the claim has been opened and reviewed. Sometimes, for various reasons, WorkSafe BC denies claims. In this case, you should contact your Employer or Health Authority where the injury occurred and they should cover the bill. Please remember to report the injury as soon as possible after the incident occurs as delay in reporting may cause denial of the case and payment. Please contact Resident Doctors of BC if you require any further assistance.

Wellness Resources

For 24-hour confidential support residents are encouraged to connect with the Employee Wellness (previously EFAP) or the Physician Health Program (PHP). Residents also have access to wellness resources at the UBC Resident Wellness office.

For full details on available supports, visit the wellness page.