External Committees

External committees are those run by other organizations in which residents are invited to participate. During the year, these committees or working groups may open up to residents, and Board members or Program Representatives are requested to fill the resident-designated seat. If no one is available, the positions are opened to the membership. Residents who fill these roles are required to provide Resident Doctors of BC with a written report of updates for our records.

  • Doctors of BC
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    Board of Directors
    Promotes a social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of BC with the highest standard of health care while achieving maximum professional satisfaction and fair economic reward.

    Current Representative: Dr. David Kim, R2 Emergency Medicine (Resident Doctors of BC President)

    Council of Health Economics and Policy
    Under the guidance and approval of the Board of Directors, the Council on Health Economics and Policy shall direct the activities of Doctors of BC concerned with the assessment and formulation of policy options relating to the economics, organization and management of the health care system.

    Current Representative:

    Rural Issues Committee

    The Rural Issues Committee (RIC) is a standing committee of the Doctors of BC Board of Directors that advises on issues affecting rural medicine and the working conditions of those physicians practising in rural areas of BC. The RIC, through the Doctors of BC Board, is responsible for providing direction for rural negotiations with government.

    Current Representative: Dr. Odion Kalaci, R2 Pediatrics (Resident Doctors of BC Director)

  • Resident Doctors of Canada
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    Awards Committee
    The awards program honours individuals or organizations who have contributed to improving resident wellbeing, medical education, and resident life in Canada. Past recipients have included residents, program directors, postgraduate medical education (PGME) administrators, and organizations that support residents. The Awards Committee is responsible for the annual nomination and selection process.

    Board of Directors
    Resident Doctors of Canada is the national representative body of over 7,500 resident physicians in Canada. Resident Doctors of Canada works collaboratively with other national health organizations to continuously improve patient care and explore new approaches in the delivery of health care. Resident Doctors of Canada facilitates discussions amongst provincial house staff organizations (PHOs), achieving consensus on policy and advocacy issues of national interest. Resident Doctors of Canada also delivers improvement to the lives of residents in such areas as personal well-being, medical education quality, and professionalism.

    Current Representatives:
    Dr. Daljeet Chahal, R2 Internal Medicine
    Dr. Odion Kalaci, R3 Pediatrics
    Dr. David Kim, R2 Emergency Medicine (Resident Doctors of BC President)

    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee is a resource to the Board of Resident Doctors of Canada. It leads the Board in its thinking, priorities, establishment, agenda setting, and in carrying out important representational and/or official work of the Board between meetings. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    Finance, Audit & Risk Committee
    Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FARC) is a resource to the Board of Resident Doctors of Canada in the advance-work of financial/legal oversight, working with the Executive Director, Treasurer, contract and finance professionals, and the external auditor. FARC is comprised of the President, the Treasurer, and 1-4 other RDoC Board members, one of whom serves as Chair.

    Governance & Nominating Committee
    To be a resource to the Board of Resident Doctors of Canada in the advancement of excellent governance practices and procedures of the Board. The Governance & Nominating Committee works with members across Canada, plus PHOs to find suitable candidates for nomination to the Board. The Governance & Nominating Committee is comprised of the President, the Secretary, Board Members from each of the 7 regions, and the Executive Director.

    Practice Committee
    The Practice Committee works on behalf of Resident Doctors of Canada’s Board of Directors to oversee the creation and realization of activities relating to Strategic Direction #1 Training: to optimize the continuum of medical education, and specifically to the goals of supporting the delivery of patient-centered care and seamless transition from training into practice. The Committee develops consistent messaging and seeks opportunities for collaboration with Resident Doctors of Canada’s partners. This involves developing position statements and ensuring that liaison representatives who sit on committees at stakeholder organizations are well-briefed on the issues and relay Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) views in all settings.

    Regional Networking Committee
    The Resident Doctors of Canada Regional Networking Committee provides a forum for information exchange between PHO affiliates of RDoC and collaboration to advance regional initiatives. Areas of discussion may include, but are not limited to: negotiations support, contractual issues, co-ordination of RDoC Committee work with that of PHOs, or assistance to a PHO who requests aid. This committee will also work to enhance communications between RDoC and PHOs. The Regional Networking Committee is comprised of 9 members, including the seven PHO presidents or their designated Board member, plus the RDoC President and Vice-President.

    Current Representative:
    Dr. David Kim, R2 Emergency Medicine (Resident Doctors of BC President)

    Training Committee
    The Training Committee works on behalf of Resident Doctors of Canada’s Board of Directors to oversee the creation and realization of Resident Doctors of Canada’s activities relating to Strategic Direction #1 Training: To optimize the continuum of medical education, and specifically to the goals of contributing to and advocating on national curriculum development, accreditation, certification, licensure and examination policy, and resident matching.

    Wellness Committee
    The Wellness Committee works on behalf of RDoC Board of Directors to oversee the creation and realization of RDoC activities relating to Strategic Direction #2 Wellness: to enrich the experience of medical education as trainees, teachers, and clinicians; to inspire a redefined work environment for resident physicians and to promote a culture of respect; and to champion the good health of Canadian resident physicians in mind, body, and spirit.

    Liaisons represent the mission, vision, values, and policies of Resident Doctors of Canada in all interactions with national stakeholder organizations, advocating the collective interests of residents in educational, professional, and well-being issues. Liaisons attend all liaison meetings and teleconferences of the organization to which Resident Doctors of Canada is invited; immediately following a meeting or teleconference. Liaisons provide a written report using the report template about the meeting, summarizing key issues as they relate to Resident Doctors of Canada, and identifying issues requiring action by Resident Doctors of Canada.

    Please contact Resident Doctors of Canada regarding available liaison positions.

  • UBC
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    Faculty Executive Committee
    This Committee advises the faculty on academic matters and carries out Faculty business between Faculty Meetings (“Full Faculty”) and obtains Faculty approval for its actions.

    Current representative:

    Faculty Residency Committee
    This Committee is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of educational standards of postgraduate training programs at the University of British Columbia. The committee reports to the Faculty Executive.

    Current representative:

    Dr. Aleksandar Brezar, R1, Rural Okanagan Family Practice
    Dr. Vincent Wong, R1 Family Medicine

  • Other Opportunities
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    Joint Implementation Committee
    The JIC Committee works with the Employer to ensure fair allocation of the call stipend funds, and scheduling of residents. Meetings can be 2-4 times per year, during the day, with members from HEABC. The resident representatives on this committee are essential to providing perspective on resident-employer relations and gain valuable insight on contract negotiations. The resident member works closely with RDBC staff and will also serve as support for the staff member in contact with Resident on-call questions, comments or concerns.

    Current Representatives:
    Dr. Odion Kalaci, R3 Pediatrics (Resident Doctors of BC Director)
    Dr. Clark Funnell, R5 Neurology

    Fraser Health banner

    JOSH Committee

    We are looking for a resident volunteer interested in joining Royal Columbian Hospital’s Joint Occupational Safety & Health Committee (JOSH). The committee is developed by Worksafe BC and main duties are to identify situations that may be unhealthy or unsafe for workers and to consult with colleagues and employer on issues retaliated to occupational health & safety.

    This committee requires a commitment 1.5 hours per month, committee meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at RCH. These meetings are scheduled between 1:30 and 3:00pm.
    If you would like to volunteer please contact us at info@residentdoctorsbc.ca

    Current Representatives:

    We are currently seeking one resident for this position