Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching

2021 Nomination Form

This award was re-named in 2005 in memory of past recipient Dr. Patricia Clugston. Dr. Clugston was a graduate of the UBC Division of Plastic Surgery, and subsequently returned to UBC to practice as a breast specialist. She was instrumental in promoting breast health and reconstruction. She is remembered for her ability to pass on her exceptional skills, teaching residents in the operating room, seminars, and daily rounds. She challenged her learners to continually improve and exemplified the ideals of this award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize a physician clinical educator for his or her contributions to Residents’ medical education. The recipient will have created a safe learning environment that encourages self-inquiry, supports adult learning, and fosters within learners a desire to achieve their highest potential.

Selection Criteria
The award will be presented annually to a physician who has shown outstanding initiative in one or more of the following areas:

  • Bedside Teaching
    • Teaching at a high academic level while respecting both patient and trainee;
    • Continuously engaging residents at the appropriate training level
    • Meeting learning objectives while also helping to develop medical curiosity
    • Incorporating evidence-based inquiry into daily practice
    • Modeling an interdisciplinary approach
  • Didactic Teaching
    • Engaging residents with a variety of interactive teaching techniques
    • Involvement in curriculum development
    • Teaching through academic days, rounds, retreats, conferences etc. •
  • Assessment
    • Providing residents with timely, personalized, constructive feedback
    • Engaging residents in feedback for personal improvement o Preparing residents for their certification exams


The recipient will receive a $1,000 donation in their honour, to the charity of their choice. A suitable memento will be presented to the recipient, and their name will be added to a plaque displayed at the Resident Doctors of BC office. Presentation of this award will be made annually.

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