Awards of Excellence

Resident Doctors of BC

Three awards are given each year to outstanding individuals in the field of medicine. Recipients receive an awards ceremony in their honour, commemoration on a wall plaque in the Resident Doctors of BC office, a personal commemorative award, and a $1000 donation to the charity/charities of their choice.

2019 Awards of Excellence

Star award on light blue background


The Award of Merit recognizes a Resident whose outstanding achievements and/or leadership reflect the aims and objectives of Resident Doctors of BC. The award is presented annually to a resident who has shown outstanding initiative in one of the following areas:

  • Resident Health and Well-being
  • Promotion of the role of Residents in the health care system
  • Advocacy and representation of Residents leading to improved work or learning environments
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The Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award For Excellence in Teaching recognizes a physician clinical educator for his or her contributions to Residents’ medical education. The recipient will have created a safe learning environment that encourages self-inquiry, supports adult learning, and fosters within learners a desire to achieve their highest potential.

The award is presented annually to a physician who has shown outstanding initiative in the following areas:

  • Bedside teaching
  • Didactic teaching
  • Assessment
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The Residents’ Advocate Award recognizes an individual who displays a significant interest in issues of importance to Residents. The award is presented annually to a person who advocates for the personal professional or educational advancement of residents.

Previous Awards of Excellence Winnners

  • 2019 Awards of Excellence

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Jack Chiu is a UBC clinical instructor in the Division of Surgery and a General Surgeon at VGH and UBCH. His nominators describe him as an exceptional colleague, teacher and mentor to many of the residents. As a colleague, he treats residents as equal members of the team and encourages collaboration between residents; as a teacher and mentor, he is approachable, available, and passionate about his work. Dr. Chiu takes every opportunity to teach and encourage residents to make independent decisions while being available to guide, and ensures that his residents build upon each piece of knowledge they are presented with. His nominators appreciate that in surgical residency, where it is important to become proficient in technical and procedural abilities, and also to build upon patient-related and bedside skills, working with Dr. Chiu has provided them with both. Dr. Chiu has a constant interest in teaching, and is specifically involved with the overarching goal in Division of General Surgery of continuously updating the knowledge-base and practicing evidence-based decisions.

    Dr. Chiu’s teaching skills are praised by his nominees. His knowledge and expertise are translatable into relatable or simple concepts, examples and strategies that residents are able to remember and then apply and teach. Dr. Chiu is also a great advocate for all of his residents, making sure surgeries or opportunities are being fairly distributed amongst levels of training, giving everyone a chance to be part of patients’ care. At the end of each case or interaction, Dr. Chiu frequently provides constructive feedback with clear examples of some well-performed tasks and/or areas of possible improvement. Because of his exemplary work ethics and collegial teaching, residents feel empowered to make decisions and have a perpetual desire to improve their skills and become better surgeons when working with Dr. Chiu.

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Betty Calam is the program director of the St. Paul’s Family Medicine Residency program, for both the Canadian Medical Graduate stream, and more recently for the International Medical Graduate stream as well. Her nominator describes her reputation as preceding her to another province even before the nominator started in British Columbia, and that the St. Paul’s Family Medicine Residency program cam highly recommended by an alumnus who felt that Dr. Calam’s direction and support was a major factor in their successful residency as well as their general health and wellbeing.

    Dr. Calam is described as exuding optimism, warmth, and empathy. She is approachable and supportive of residents; their training as they deal with family emergencies, complicated pregnancies, mental health concerns, negative residency training experiences, and the inevitable bouts of imposter syndrome. She is assisted in her work by the “amazing, dedicated, and ever-patient program administrators”, Maria Totsikas and Kitty Dich. Dr. Calam is also supported by a long list of St. Paul’s Hospital alumni who have taken on roles as preceptors, lecturers, and research leads – a true community that Dr. Calam has created.

  • 2018 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Vincent Wong is a PGY-2 Family Medicine resident whose nominators praise him for the exceptional leadership skills he has shown throughout residency, as well as the projects he has been involved with, which have contributed to the enhancement of resident education and development. Through his involvement in numerous committees representing residents, Dr. Wong has consistently shown support for the advancement of his fellow residents. His active involvement with the Fraser Northwest Divisions of Family Practice has helped develop a module to enhance pharmacy operations-related training for family practice residents and physicians. Dr. Wong has shown dedication, passion and leadership for not only the enhancement of medical education, but also for the overall health of the public.

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Jasdeep Gill is a UBC clinical instructor in Emergency and Family Medicine. His nominators praise him not only for his knowledge and being a preceptor that excels in teaching, but also for his passion in supporting the residents. As a young physician and clinical instructor of the new generation, Dr. Gill is passionate about implying new methods of teaching, and actively incorporates evidence-based medicine in his practice and encourages the residents to do the same. He is innovative in methods of helping the resident be as independant as possible in a short period of time, is mindful of the resident’s wellbeing, and encouraging of enjoying their residency through a balance of work and life. He actively and continuously provides constructive feedback in a way that the resident feels safe during their training, and ensures that his teaching and the workload do not compromise the training process of the resident.

    He is also praised by his nominators for being a role model for efficient communication with the patient and compassionate care. Dr. Gill goes above and beyond his responsibilities for the patients, and never hesitates to spend more time and energy with the patients he recognizes as being in need of more care. His work both in the emergency as a CCFP-emergency physician and in the community as a primary care physician has led him to working directly with the authorities, including the Division of Family Medicine in Surrey, to find solutions for the shortages of health care. He was involved as one of the consultants for the new primary care networks and urgent care centres. His work in the community and as a preceptor has him training the residents for leadership, and encourages them to participate in reforming the process of primary care in BC.

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Navid Pooyan is a PGY-2 Family Medicine resident and a co-chief resident at St. Paul’s Hospital. He has gone beyond the expectations of being a co-chief resident and his compassion and leadership are described as leaving legacies for future residents by his nominators. His support to the residents stretches to not only the residents of his site, both Canadian and IMG, but also beyond to the entire Family Medicine program, wherein many IMG residents from various sites of UBC Family Medicine reach out to him to seek help and support. His previous experience as an overseas physician has allowed him to live the experience of coming to BC to practice medicine, and makes it possible for him to be an advocate not only for BC residents, but for IMG residents, as well.

    Through his own personal time and effort, Dr. Pooyan has formed a site-specific orientation for the residents from outside of BC who have never previously worked in the province. This orientation has been useful for new residents through its short and efficient format, which includes practical tips and points from senior residents. In the UBC Family Medicine program, he has worked with another resident to help improve the selection process of the IMG residents to allow for a more accurate, efficient, fair and practical selection process.

  • 2017 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    As one of the inaugural residents at the Interior Site of the UBC Emergency Medicine residency program, Dr. Jared Baylis has set an example for his fellow residents. He has used his expertise in Simulation Education and Innovation to develop a local simulation curriculum to ensure that residents get exposed to all the key clinical presentations and has mapped these presentations to clinical competencies and objectives.

    Despite the many competing demands of residency, Dr. Baylis has invested time to network with consultant services and leverage these connections to create opportunities for residents. In addition, he introduced an initiative called “Real Talk”, with the intention of creating a safe space for residents to share experiences in medicine and speak openly about burnout, mistakes on shifts, and work-life balance. This initiative is now a yearly tradition and has helped create a culture of openness and support in the Kelowna residency program.

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Sonia Butterworth is a Pediatric Surgeon at BCCH and a Clinical Associate Professor in the UBC Department of Surgery. She has received outstanding evaluations in all areas of teaching including patient management, surgical skills, medical expertise, communication and professionalism. Her nominators describe her as approachable and patient, encouraging residents to make intraoperative decisions and helping them navigate out of difficult situations.

    A visionary leader in postgraduate training at UBC, Dr. Butterworth has transformed the educational curricula, developed novel methods of evaluation, and introduced intensive training experiences into an educational environment that has attracted international attention throughout the surgical community. She currently plays a major role in developing and implementing Competency Based Medical Education (CBME), which emphasizes an outcomes-based approach and ensures that all trainees will acquire skills that enable lifelong learning. In this capacity, Dr. Butterworth serves all of UBC’s nearly 1400 residents who are distributed across the province.

  • 2016 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Joshua Gurberg
    , an otolaryngology resident, is recognized by his fellow residents as being an enthusiastic, consistent, and reliable champion of resident wellness, professional development, and continuing education. He is seen by his peers as a leader, mentor, advocate, teacher, and friend. He is active on the UBC Resident Wellness Committee, a Program Representative for Resident Doctors of BC’s Council of Program Representatives, and a member of the Residency Training Committee He regularly organizes social events for his program. Dr. Gurberg has successfully advocated for beneficial changes to the program’s call stipends, and for medical and mental support for his peers when they needed it.

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Kevin Clark is the Assistant Program Director of the Kelowna Emergency Medicine program. He has demonstrated an outstanding proficiency in bedside and didactic teaching and assessment. He introduced a simulation-based approach called “in-situ,” which brings the simulation out of the lab into the trauma bay where residents can learn in a realistic environment alongside nurses and allied health professionals. He also introduced direct observation shifts, which provides residents with detailed in-depth assessment, constructive criticism, and personalized coaching. He has a reputation for his strong clinical acumen, and his motivational and innovative approach to teaching.

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Peter Gee is the Site Director for Family Medicine in Strathcona and a GP in Courtney. In a fairly new site, Dr. Gee has been an advocate for residents since the beginning, offering them the flexibility and support necessary to ensure they are leading happy and healthy lives. He is approachable when residents have concerns, and devises solutions that are appropriate and timely. He attention to his residents has resulted in a high level of retention of rural residents.

  • 2015 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Meghan Ho,
    an internal medicine resident, advocated for a program to improve the training that junior residents receive so that the transition to senior resident is smoother. This included advocating for a formal session in the Academic Half-Day curriculum and presenting the session twice to educate junior residents about the senior role. This advocacy work resulted in the “transition program” becoming a formal part of the internal medicine residency program with the full support of program administration.

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Jagdeep Ubhi is the Program Director of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the resident Site Director at Royal Columbian Hospital. His nominators noted he is an excellent teacher who is calm and encouraging when teaching integral skills, and he is always looking for innovative and effective ways for residents to learn. Additionally, he is timely and effective in his feedback, with bi-annual fireside chats that not only highlight strength, but suggest improvements.

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Andrew Campbell is the Program Director of Cardiac Surgery and a staff congenital cardiac surgeon at BC Childen’s Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital. He has been an advocate for both resident education and well-being. He has advocated for simulation training for residents since becoming Program Director five years ago. The simulations he developed have provided residents with invaluable experience to practice emergency scenarios and complex situations in a low-risk environment. He is a staunch ally of resident well-being and provides support on a personal level by sharing meals with residents, accommodating illness and family needs, and adding physical health into academic sessions to promoting personal well-being.

  • 2014 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Heather O’Donnell

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Joseph Haegert
    Emergency Medicine, Clinical Associate Professor

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. William Gourlay
    Urology, Program Director

  • 2013 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Megan Kilvert

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Michelle Linekin
    Family Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Katherine Beadon

  • 2012 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Alan Bates

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Rajiv Reebye
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Clinical Assistant Professor

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Tina Chanchlani
    Family Medicine – Prince George

  • 2011 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Mark Masterson

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Jonathan Fleming
    Psychiatry, Associate Head of Education

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Aisling O’Gorman

  • 2010 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Alex Anawati
    Family Medicine

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Philip Teal
    Neurology Faculty Member

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Syed Morad Hameed
    General Surgery Program Director

  • 2009 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Joanna Oda
    Community Medicine

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Robin Love
    Family Practice,  Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Steve Beerman
    Family Practice, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

  • 2007/2008 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Tracy Scott
    General Surgery, Vancouver Hospital

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Hamed Umedaly
    Department of Anesthesiology, Vancouver Hospital

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Alexandra Tcheremenska-Greenhill
    BC Medical Association

  • 2006 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Shelter Lee
    Family Medicine – Chilliwack

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Theo Van Rijn
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Vancouver Acute

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Eric Yoshida
    Division of Gastroenterology, UBC

  • 2005 Awards of Excellence

    Award of Merit
    Dr. Richard Currie
    UBC Rural Family Medicine

    Dr. Patricia Clugston Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Ramesh Lokanthan
    General Surgery / Vascular Surgery, Prince George

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Carl Whiteside
    UBC Rural Family Medicine

  • 2004 Awards of Excellence

    Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Jane Buxton
    Community Medicine, Vancouver

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Richard Klasa
    Medical Oncology, BC Cancer Agency

  • 2003 Awards of Excellence

    Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Peter Tsang
    Hematology, Vancouver Hospital

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Eric Webber
    General Surgery, Vancouver Hospital

  • 2002 Awards of Excellence

    Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Dr. Patricia Clugston
    Plastic Surgery, Vancouver Hospital, UBC Site

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Kristin Sivertz (Co-recipient)
    Psychiatry, Vancouver Hospital

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Kamal Rungta (Co-recipient)
    Psychiatry, Vancouver Hospital

  • 2001 Awards of Excellence

    Award for Excellence in Teaching

    Dr. Ken Gin
    Department of Cardiology, Vancouver Hospital

  • 2000 Awards of Excellence

    Award for Excellence in Teaching

    Dr. Joseph Connors
    Department of Medical Oncology, B.C. Cancer Agency

    Residents’ Advocate Award
    Dr. Dr. Galt Wilson
    Family Practice, Prince George Site

  • 1984 - 1999 Award for Excellence in Teaching

    1999 – Dr. Jeff Beckman, Neurology – Vancouver Hospital

    1999 – Dr. Richard Crawford, Pathology/Dermatology – St. Paul’s Hospital

    1998 – Dr. Michael Bebbington, Maternal Fetal Medicine, BC Women’s Hospital

    1998 – Dr. Zenon Cieslak, Pediatrician, Royal Columbian Hospital

    1996 – Dr. P. Terry Phang, General Surgeon, St. Paul’s Hospital

    1995 – Dr. Hugh Chaun, Gastroenterologist, St. Paul’s Hospital

    1994 – Dr. Howard Stein, Rheumatologist, St. Paul’s Hospital

    1993 – Dr. Karen Gelmon, Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency

    1993 – Dr. Barry Kassen, Internist, Vancouver General Hospital

    1992 – Dr. James Stockdill, Family Practitioner, Greater Victoria Hospital Society

    1991 – Dr. Graham C. Pate, Orthopedic Surgeon, Royal Columbian Hospital

    1990 – Dr. Penny Ballem, Hematologist, Grace Hospital

    1989 – Dr. David Burdge, Internist, University Hospital, Shaughnessy Site

    1988 – Dr. F. Wilt, Psychiatrist, UBC Hospital

    1987 – Dr. J. Ruedy, Internist, St. Paul’s Hospital

    1986 – Dr. V. Huckell, Cardiologist, Vancouver General Hospital

    1985 – Dr. H. Nichol, Child Psychiatrist, Vancouver General Hospital

    1984 – Dr. S. C. Naiman, Hematopathologist, Vancouver General Hospital