About Us

Resident Doctors of BC

We are the professional association that represents 1400 resident doctors working all over BC.

We raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what they do. The purpose of Resident Doctors of BC is to support the interests of resident doctors in British Columbia. We take care of resident doctors, so they can take care of you.


  • To represent our members in contractual matters
  • To support our members’ education and training, and encourage excellence in the teaching environment
  • To promote our members’ professional, personal and financial well-being
  • To foster engagement among our members throughout British Columbia
  • To advocate on behalf of our members in collaboration with our stakeholders and the community


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  • Ensuring a fair contract with the Employer
  • Treating all members equally
  • Ensuring residents are treated fairly in the workplace


  • For all members of the association
  • For other professional bodies
  • For patients and their families


  • Supporting members’ personal well-being by providing benefits and resources
  • Fostering social and networking opportunities among members
  • Encouraging a collegial workplace within the organization


  • Providing information to guide members through their role
  • Supporting ethical health care practice of members
  • Acknowledging excellence for practice advocacy and teaching
  • What is Resident Doctors of BC?

    Resident Doctors of BC is a trade union certified by the Labour Relations Board to bargain collectively on behalf of residents in the province. Resident Doctors of BC’s purpose is to support residents in fulfilling their education to become well-informed, prepared and professional physicians to enhance patient care.

  • Who governs Resident Doctors of BC?

    A Board of Directors governs Resident Doctors of BC; most of whom are elected annually by the membership. All members are encouraged to participate in elections. The Board is governed by the Constitution and By-Laws, which can only be amended at the Annual General Meeting.

  • How do I join Resident Doctors of BC?

    Membership is mandatory for all residents whose training is funded by the Ministry of Health. Membership begins July 1st of your R1 year, or on your date of appointment. The completed dues authorization form must be submitted as per the instructions in the resident appointment package.

  • How can I get involved?

    Resident Doctors of BC encourages members to be involved in the organization. Below are just a few of the ways members can get involved – contact Resident Doctors of BC for more details.

    1. Join the Board of Directors
      Resident Doctors of BC is governed by the Board of Directors, which is elected annually by the membership in the summer. Members are encouraged to nominate or run in the elections.
    2. Become a Program Representative
      Each program is represented by an annually elected Program Representative who sits on the Council of Program Representatives.
    3. Join a committee
      Resident Doctors of BC has a number of internal committees focused on specific areas, including Advocacy, Communications, Governance, Negotiations, and Health and Wellness.
    4. Liaise on an external committee
      Resident Doctors of BC is also invited to send representatives to a number of external committees, including Doctors of BC, Resident Doctors of Canada, and UBC. Represent your fellow residents on a committee.
    5. Attend events or plan your own
      Resident Doctors of BC hosts a number of social and professional development events through out the year. Attend an upcoming event, or plan your own event with Resident Doctors of BC’s assistance.