Transitioning to Practice Insurance & Benefits Checklist

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Transitioning to Practice To-Do Checklist Checkmark

Book a free phone or in-person appointment with your Doctors of BC Insurance Advisor to:

·       Review your Disability Insurance options

·       Access government-paid Physician’s Disability Insurance (PDI) for physicians!

·       Get 50% off first year premiums for Extended Health and Dental

·      Assess whether you may need other types of coverage

Learn about other government paid Negotiated Benefits for physicians:

·       Contributory Retirement Savings Plan (CPRSP), CMPA  rebate,

        and Parental Leave Program (PLP)

Talk to your Doctors of BC Regional Advisor and Advocate to discuss:

·       Committees and societies you can join

·       Where to find practice support in your local area

·      What resources within Doctors of BC are available and applicable to you

·      Assistance with employment contract negotiations

Meet with your MD Financial Consultant or other financial planner to review:

·      Personal budget, debt reduction, and investment planning strategies

·      Access the government paid Contributory Retirement Savings Plan (CPRSP)

Read practice resources on MSP billing, practice management, and incorporation 

Questions? Contact us at:

Telephone:  604-736-5551

Toll Free:  1-800-665-2262

Email: insurance@doctorsofbc.ca

author: Navpreet