Resident Doctors of BC - structure

Resident Doctors of BC is governed by a Constitution and By-laws. It is led by a Board of Directors that is elected annually by its membership. As there are far more programs than positions on the Board, the organization maintains the Council of Program Representatives who report to the Board issues and concerns from within their program, to ensure all programs are represented and heard. To address specific areas within the organization there are a number of internal committees in which we encourage members to participate.

Resident Doctors of BC also works with a number of affiliates to ensure resident interests are represented in other organizations, and have formal resident representation on a number of external committees.

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  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership. There are five executive roles, and seven Directors. These roles are determined internally at the first board meeting by the elected board. Additional members are welcome to participate as official observers, who have the same privileges without the right to vote. Interested members are also welcome to attend any Board Meeting as a guest.

    Meet the 2015-2016 Board of Directors, or find out more about their roles and responsibilities.

  • Council of Program Representatives

    Each program elects Program Representatives annually; there are one to two representatives for each program depending on its size. The role of the Council is to ensure the varying needs and interests of programs are represented.

    Find your representative or join the council.

  • Internal Committees

    Resident Doctors of BC has several internal committees that deal with specific aspects of the association. Membership in committees changes annually, with the opportunity for involvement throughout the year for interested members depending on the committee.

    Find out more about the Internal Committees.

  • External Committees

    Resident Doctors of BC works with external organizations like Doctors of BC, Resident Doctors of Canada and UBC to ensure that residents’ voices are heard. There are opportunities for residents to be involved with these organizations by providing representation on their committees.