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As the future of medicine, resident doctors have a vested interest in the health care system, and have valuable input on healthcare in BC

Recent Resident Media

  • UBC Family Practice Residency Program - Kelowna

    UBC and the province of B.C. have launched a new family medicine training site in the South Okanagan, marking the first time doctors in UBC’s Family Practice Residency Program can complete their entire residency in the region.  Read about the program and its first four resident doctors here.

  • UBC Strathcona Program - UBC Medicine News

    Read the recent profile on the UBC Strathcona Family Medicine program, and the important role residency training has in addressing the needs of the community and Vancouver Island published by the UBC Faculty of Medicine News.

  • Dr. Marlon Danilewitz - Vancouver Sun

    MD - Vancouver Sun article

    Dr. Marlon Danilewitz’s research on the use of on transcranial direct current stimulation on health individuals was featured in a front page article of the Vancouver Sun on March 28, 2016. The article is available on the Vancouver Sun website.

  • BC's Knowledge Network

    Check out Emergency Room on BC’s Knowledge network, which features residents along with allied health providing care in VGH.

    Check out the short stories section for clips that include residents:

    The One about.. The Lunch Room and the Hamburger

    Think of the Danger

    Partying Like a Rock Star

    She Never Left his Side

    Residency Roller Coaster

    Avoid Getting Pimped

  • Drs. Vishal Varshney & Eda Karacabeyli - CBC Radio

    Drs. Varshney and Karacabeyli were interviewed for the CBC radio program On the Coast for Resident Awareness Week.

  • Dr. Steve Leung - Island Health Weekly & Currents

    VIHA Newsletter




    As part of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Leung will appear in the Weekly and Currents for Island Health. The article covers residency in Victoria, and Resident Awareness Week.

  • Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi - Huffington Post

    Dr. Ogunyemi is a freelance writer for the Huffington Post, in his article “Race Still has a Place in Medicine” he examines the issues surrounding race while treating patients, particularly the difference in treatment in skin conditions on skin of different pigment and the prevalence of certain conditions in various ethnicities.

  • Dr. Vishal Varshney - UBC Medicine News

    As part of Resident Awareness Week 2016, Dr. Vishal Varshney spoke with UBC News about Resident Awareness Week and getting involved.

  • Manitoba Residents - Rick Mercer Report

    Manitoba Residents were on the Rick Mercer Report on Tuesday, while he was doctor for a day. Watch the episode here.

  • English Residents - BBC

    The BBC has been covering the ongoing labour dispute in England with their residents (“junior doctors”). The contract dispute has heated up since the summer when the government threatened to impose a deal after talks broke drown in 2014. The residents have since gone on strike with a 98% mandate, talks have restarted, which has cancelled further strike action, but more action is planned for February should progress not be made.

    Ministers offered doctors an 11% rise in basic pay last year, but that was offset by curbs to other elements of the pay package, including payments for unsociable hours – they have maintained there is not extra money for junior doctor pay. They are also seeking more 7 day services but the British Medical Association is trying to safeguard against excessive work hours.

    They have since rejected a final offer, which included concessions on pay but not hours required. The Doctors took part in their second strike on Thursday.

    For full details on the proposals and the strike, visit the BBC

  • Drs. Vishal Varsheny and Tom Liu - Doctors of BC News

    Drs. Varshney and Liu were quoted in the Doctors of BC News on the Doctors of BC event that provided medical students preparation for CaRMS interviews with residents who had recently been through it themselves. Read the article and see the photos here.

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Previous Resident Media

  • 2016

    Dr. Heather O’Donnell – UBC Medicine News

    Dr. O’Donnell was part of an article discussing the new Resident as Teachers program support residents in their role as teachers and mentors for medical students and their junior residents. Read the full article here.

  • 2015

    Drs. Kate Smith and Adrienne McKercher – UBC PGME News

    Drs. Smith and McKercher were part of a group of residents taking part in simulation training profiled by the UBC PGME News. Read the article here.


    Dr. Anas Manouzi, Haley deVries and Victoria Cook – UBC News

    Drs. Cook, deVries and Manouzi were noted in a UBC PGME News article about a resident-led multi-year simulation program they created in the pediatrics program that is helping to boost trainees’ performance. Read the article here.


    Dr. Anna Hayden – UBC PGME News

    Dr. Hayden was quoted in an article by Kerry Blackadar for UBC PGME News highlighting the successful CaRMS subspecialty match day, which saw 42 residents match to sub specialty training.


    Dr. Scott McCoach – Prince George Citizen

    Dr. McCoach is quoted in a recent article in the Prince George Citizen discussing dollars for doctors, which provides funding for housing, exam fees and for those who decide to stay in the Northeast as family doctors, an additional $10,000.


    Drs. Harding and Leung – UBC Medicine News

    Drs. Harding and Leung are the first cohort in UBC’s newest pediatric training site on Vancouver Island. They noted their excitement at the opportunity to help shape the program in the new site for future years in this UBC News item published on August 18th.


    Dr. Alexander McGirr – UBC Medicine News

    Dr. McGirr provided a Q&A on a recent study he led for the UBC Medicine News. His work looked at the mutation of a gene for a brain protein Phosphodiesterase-4. Studying mice he found those with the mutation performed well on memory and problem solving tasks, but had a reduced memory of fearful events and less fear of things they would otherwise be afraid of such as cat urine.

    While it is early to link this directly to humans, his study could have implications for dementia and PTSD in the future.


    Drs. Erin Knight and Bria Sharkey – BC Rural Update

    Drs. Knight and Sharkey’s award nominated research on “The experience of women in remote Carrier communities with bedside ultrasound at prenatal visits: a community engagement project” was highlighted the Rural Coordination Centre of BC‘s e-newsletter BC Rural Update.


    Dr. Althea Hayden – Kamloops Now

    Dr. Hayden was quoted in an Interior Health report on salmonella from baby chicks in May on Kamloops BC Now.


    Dr. Althea Hayden – Interior Health Authority Press Release

    Dr. Hayden was quoted in a Press Release from the Interior Health Authority which was also featured in E-KNOW (East Kootenay News Online Weekly) and the Morning Star for National Immunization Awareness Week in April.


    Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi – Huffington Post

    Dr. Ogunyemi is a freelance writer for the Huffington Post, his article “This Model’s Skin Condition Will Make You Re-Think Beauty Standards” discusses Chantelle Brown-Young a celebrity from America’s Next Top Model who also has the skin condition vitiligo which affects the pigmentation of her skin.


    Dr. Katie Beadon – The Medical Post

    Dr. Katie Beadon was quoted in the March 17th feature of the Medical Post titled “the changing nature of call“. Registration is required to read this content, see more on the Canadian Healthcare Network.


    Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi – Huffington Post

    Dr. Ogunyemi is a freelance writer for the Huffington Post. His article “If Racial Profiling Happens To Doctors At Their Own Hospitals, Who Can Be Safe From It?” appeared on their blog on February 17th. His article “Why We Must Ardently Defend Multiculturalism in Canada” was published in the same place on March 3rd.


    Dr. Samantha Balass – Breakfast Television

    As part of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Samantha Balass was on Breakfast Television discussing Resident Awareness Week, and how to get into residency.


    Dr. Katie Beadon – UBC Medicine News

    As part of Resident Awareness Week 2015, Dr. Katie Beadon spoke with UBC News about Resident Awareness Week and getting involved.


    Drs. David Sherman, Martha Spencer, Jeanine Marshall and Paul Blackburn – Hospital News

    An article on Geriatric Medicine at UBC by Kerry Blackadar, a Communications Coordinator for UBC Faculty of Medicine in 2014 was published in January 2015 in Hospital News. Read the full story from these residents in different geriatric specialties.

  • 2014

    Dr. Raina Fumerton – Northern Health Authority Press Release

    A Northern Health Authority Press Release announcing Dr. Fumerton’s new role as a Medical Health Officer while continuing to complete her residency in Public Health and Preventative Medicine was highlighted in a number of northern newspapers.


    Dr. Smita Naidoo – UBC Medicine News

    Dr. Naidoo was featured in an article by UBC News about the new Child and Adolescent Psychiatry program at UBC. Read the article here.


    UBC Medical Journal

    The UBC Medical Journal is a student-run academic journal that often features articles from residents. The February 2014 edition featured an article on “Extending the Reach of Medical Care for Remote First Nations Communities:Beyond Technology” with a resident co-author.

  • 2013

    Dr. Julianna Caon – Medical Press

    Dr. Caon was quoted in the Medical Xpress article “Bootcamp targets gap in radiation oncologist training“, published in November of 2013 regarding her involvement in the bootcamp on contouring skills in relation to laryngeal cancer.

    UBC Medical Journal

    The UBC Medical Journal is a student-run academic journal that often features articles from residents. Including two academic pieces in the September 2013 edition.

    Drs. Jess Paul and Andrew Kwasnica – UBC Medicine Vol 9 No 2 (Fall 2013)

    As part of UBC’s feature in the Fall 2013 edition on residency outside of Vancouver, Dr. Paul and Dr. Kwasnica discuss their reasons for choosing residencies in New Westminster and Victoria respectively.

    Drs. Colwill & Uh – UBC Medicine News

    Dr. Mitchell Uh and Ann Marie Colwill were quoted in an article highlighting Dr. Shojania’s Friday afternoon exercise class for all of his residents. Read the article here.

    Dr. Sina Alipour – New Westminster Record

    As part of a special series on Royal Columbian Hospital, Dr. Sina Alipour completed a Q and A session with reporter Marelle Reid on his role as a chief at RCH. Read their interview here.

    Drs. Aneja and Walter – UBC Medicine News

    Dr. Kirti Aneja and Suzanne Walter were profile in an article on UBC News about the different paths IMGs take to accessing training in BC. Read the full article here.

    Dr. Cam Grose – UBC Medicine Vol 9 No 1 (Spring 2013)

    As part of UBC’s Spring 2013 feature on training in Haida Gwaii, Dr. Cam Grose discusses his experience training there as a second year Family Medicine Resident.

    Dr. Andrew Neitzel – CBC News

    Dr. Neitzel was part of a team that saved a man bitten by a venomous snake in Costa Rica and flew home before receiving treatment. Read about the amazing story here.

    Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck – CTV News

    As part of a CTV News segment on the new medical dummy at BC Women’s Hospital, Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck was asked her feedback on the new training tool. Watch the full segment.