As the future of medicine, resident doctors have a vested interest in the health care system, and closely follow any health topics that affect the physicians of BC or their patients.

To connect with a Resident Doctors of BC spokesperson, or for information on comments, positions on issues, news releases or general media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. David Kim
604-876-7636 or 1-888-877-2722

To read interviews, and other media stories featuring residents, visit Residents in the Media

Recent Press Releases and Media

  • Harry Gray Announced As New Executive Director

    Harry Gray announced as new Resident Doctors of BC Executive Director

    Vancouver, BC – February 3, 2017

    Resident Doctors of BC is pleased to announce the appointment of Harry Gray as Executive Director. Gray brings an extensive and dynamic skillset and more than 30 years of leadership experience in the public, educational, and healthcare sectors.

    Gray’s most recent positions at Kwantlen Polytechnic University saw him leading a team of more than 70 individuals across three divisions while developing and executing strategic plans. Gray also possesses a multitude of knowledge and experience in labor relations, negotiations, and human resources, having worked previously in various leadership roles for the Health Employers Association of BC, and Vancouver Coastal Health. With Gray’s unique dual perspective in the healthcare and educational sector, he is a perfect fit to carry our organization to new heights.

    Resident Doctors of BC is a certified trade union representing the interests of over 1300 residents in collective bargaining. Residents are doctors engaged in supervised training in a medical specialty for an average of two to five years prior to independent practice.

    See the press release on CNW.

  • Resident Awareness Week 2017 - Articles

    BCMJ Blog – Join in for Resident Awareness Week 2017

    We submitted this article about the “what, why, and who” of Resident Awareness Week to the BC Medical Journal’s blog.

    Trail Daily Times – A profile of a future rural family physician

    Drs. Nazlee Tabari & Bolu Ogunyemi profile Trail family practice resident Dr. Alana Benes in this article in the Trail Daily Times for Resident Awareness Week.

    raw 2017 article trail times distributed site

    The Ubyssey – ThinkSkin explains what SPF actually means

    Drs. Yi Ariel Liu & Danny Guo use illustrations on their website ThinkSkin to make information about SPF and skincare products accessible for the general public. Learn more in this article by Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi, published in UBC’s Student Newspaper, The Ubyssey.

    Vancouver Sun – Opinion: Taking Action on Resident Doctors’ Wellness

    Published on February 6, 2017, this article, “Opinion: Taking action on resident doctors’ wellness,” was written by Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi, Director of Communications, for Resident Awareness Week.

  • Resident Awareness Week - Transit Ad

    Resident Awareness Week Bus Ad

    humans of residency raw 2017 transit ad

    Look for this poster on the millennium/expo skytrain line in Greater Vancouver, and on buses in Victoria, Prince George, and Kelowna.

Previous Media

  • 2016

    Huffington Post – The Crucial Role of Residents

    In celebration of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi, who is also a freelance writer for the Huffington Post, published an article on the Crucial Role of Residents.

    Vancouver Sun – Resident Awareness Week

    In celebration of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Mitra published an opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun on Resident resiliency. Read the full article here.

    BCMJ – Resident Awareness Week 2016

    In celebration of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Bach wrote an article that was published in the BCMJ. Read the full article at

    VCH News – Celebrating the 15th Annual Resident Awareness Week!

    As part of Resident Awareness Week, VCH News published an article about residents. Read the article here.

    Resident Awareness Week Newspaper Ad

    Newspaper Ad

    The above ad was published in the Metro News on Wednesday, February

    Resident Awareness Week Bus Ad
    TRANSIT_FamilyMed_FNL small

    The above ad was on skytrains in the Lower Mainland during Resident Awareness Week. It along with last year’s ad will also be on buses in Victoria and Prince George.

  • 2015

    Dr. Vishal Varshney Elected President of Resident Doctors of BC


    Vancouver, BC – September 17, 2015


    Resident Doctors of BC is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Vishal Varshney as President. Dr. Varshney attended the University of Calgary for both his undergraduate and medical education. He is currently a third year resident in Anesthesiology.


    Joining Dr. Varshney on the Executive are Dr. Katie Beadon, Immediate Past President; Dr. Paxton Bach, Vice President; Dr. François Pomerleau, Director of Finance; and Dr. Goldis Mitra, Director of Communications. Additional Directors on the Board are Drs. Angela Babuk, Clark Funnell, Arun Jagdeo, Eda Karacabeyli, Mary Masotti, Salina Teja, and Kateryna Vostretsova. The Official Observers are Drs. Vik Ahluwalia, Tina Allibhai, Jesse Kancir, Aida Moghadam, Kelli O’Reilly, Robin Patyal, Gunpreet Singh, Michael Suen, Magdalena Szumilas, and Nazlee Tabarsi.


    Resident Doctors of BC is a certified trade union, which represents the interests of over 1300 residents in collective bargaining. Resident physicians are a diverse, well-rounded, group of medical doctors who are enrolled in postgraduate training programs during their transition to become independent medical practitioners.


    For additional information contact:

    Dr. Vishal Varshney, President

    604-876-7636 or


    2015 RDBC RAW transit Ad

    Produced for Resident Awareness Week 2015 in February, you may still see some of these ads on the Canada Line and buses in Vancouver.

    Pulsimeter: Celebrating Resident Awareness Week

    In celebration of Resident Awareness Week, Dr. Mitra wrote an article that was published in the BCMJ, Vol 57 No 1 Pulsimeter. Read the full article at


    Opinion: Resident doctors form backbone for future of health care

    Published February 17, 2015 – Vancouver Sun

    In step with the 14th annual National Resident Awareness Week, we are working across the province to let the public know about the important role resident doctors play in our healthcare system.

    There are over 1,200 resident doctors working across British Columbia. While the majority are in Greater Vancouver, there are residents from Penticton to Peace Liard. Residents are doctors who, having already completed medical school, are undergoing specialty training in areas such as family medicine, surgery, and internal medicine. We work in clinics and hospitals as the first point of contact for patients, and we are often the doctors who provide overnight patient care.

    Residency training lasts 2-6 years, depending on our chosen specialty. While our work hours vary greatly from month to month, we typically work 40-100 hours per week, with on-call shifts lasting 24-30 hours.

    Our work hours have been the subject of significant controversy in recent years. Many people wonder whether a doctor in training (or any doctor for that matter) working 24 hours continuously is able to provide safe and effective care for patients, and whether our working conditions have a detrimental effect on our well-being.

    The drawbacks of working such hours are clear: research has shown long work hours are associated with burnout, and residents who work longer hours are more likely to be in car accidents. Sleep deprivation also negatively affects our work: it reduces our ability to solve problem, and interferes with our ability to empathize with our patients and their families. Sleep deprivation increases our risk of depression and other psychiatric disorders, and tragically, in the past year colleagues in both Canada and the U.S. took their lives.

    On the other hand, residents also need the experience that comes with working long hours. Working in a hospital overnight provides important exposure to a variety of patient problems. Being on call also challenges us to develop and exercise our clinical judgment independent of our supervisors, who review our cases after we have initially seen them. The extra hours also help ensure B.C.’s major hospitals run effectively, as residents make it possible to provide cost-effective care to the staggering number of patients served every day and night.

    Resident duty hours are not standardized and vary by province. The U.S. and Quebec have limited the number of hours a resident can work in a day to 16 hours. But the results of dozens of studies suggest that for surgical residents, limiting work hours doesn’t translate into a clear improvement in wellness or burnout, and our education suffers from less time spent with senior doctors and in the operating room.

    Most important, research suggests a tired doctor is not necessarily an unsafe doctor. While we don’t have enough studies to conclusively determine what the relationship is between longer hours and patient safety, the bulk of the evidence suggests it is a complicated relationship. It’s not clear what is better for patient care: being cared for by a tired doctor who knows everything about your case, or being cared for by several doctors and risking errors as information is transferred from one person to another.

    Duty hours are a topic of great interest to Resident Doctors of B.C., whose purpose is to support residents throughout their training. This includes supporting and promoting resident professional and personal well-being, and as such work hours will continue to be a matter of careful deliberation from year to year.

    In celebration of Resident Awareness Week, we will be stationed in hospitals and community centres across Metro Vancouver to share information about residency. Look for our Humans of Residency photo campaign on Vancouver transit and in hospitals, or visit our website to view a video chronicling the life of a resident.

    We look forward to meeting you throughout this week, and throughout the course of our training, as part of the medical teams that strive to provide you the best care.

    Katie Beadon is a fourth-year resident in neurology at the University of British Columbia and president of the the Resident Doctors of B.C. Goldis Mitra is a second-year resident in internal medicine at UBC and is on the board of the Residents Doctors of B.C.

  • 2014

    Dr. Katie Beadon Elected PAR-BC President


    Vancouver, BC – September 11, 2014

    The Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia (PAR-BC) is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Katie Beadon as PAR-BC President. Dr. Beadon attended the University of British Columbia for her undergraduate degree in physics and Masters degree in Biomedical engineering before pursuing her medical education at the same institution. She is currently a fourth year resident in Neurology.

    Joining Dr. Beadon on the Board of Directors are Dr. Arun Jagdeo, Immediate Past President; Dr. Vishal Varshney, Vice President; Dr. Michael Suen, Director of Finance; and Dr. Mary Masotti, Director of Communications. Members-at-large are Drs. Paxton Bach, Paul Hertz, Eda Karacabeyli, Kate Milne, Francois Pomerleau. Gunpreet Singh, and Bez Toosi. Official Observers are Drs. Samantha Balass, Simon Bow, Goldis Chami, Lisa Li, Kelli O’Reilly, Robin Patyal, Constantin Shuster, Magdalena Szumilas, Selina Teja and Kateryna Vostretsova.

    The Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia is a certified trade union, which represents the interests of over 1200 residents in collective bargaining. Resident physicians are a diverse, well-rounded, group of medical doctors who are enrolled in postgraduate training programs during their transition to become independent medical practitioners.


    For additional information contact:

    Katie Beadon, President

    604-876-7636 or


    Collective Agreement Ratification Press Release


    August 7, 2014


    VANCOUVER – The Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia (PAR-BC) membership voted 66% in favour of ratification of a new Collective Agreement with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC).

    “Resident Doctors are a dedicated group and want to get on with their work and studies. Our members voted yes, but they are disappointed. We had hoped that the government would use this five year agreement to send a stronger signal that BC is a great place to train and practice medicine,” said Dr. Arun Jagdeo, PAR-BC President.

    The new contract for 2014 – 2019 provides amendments to some important workload policies. The new agreement ensures that Resident Doctors who are six or more months pregnant do not have to work a 24-hour shift. It also finally stipulates that Resident Doctors can go home after 10AM after working 24 hours straight.

    Residents receive a modest wage increase of roughly 1% per year for 5 years, with no increase in the first year.

    “There are more than 1200 Resident Doctors in BC, and fair treatment and better working conditions adds up to better healthcare for the people of BC. Better working conditions help to attract and retain more Resident Doctors,” said Dr. Katie Beadon, a member of the Bargaining Team.


    Media Contact:

    PAR-BC Bargaining Team

    Dr. Katie Beadon

    Dr. Paul Hertz

    Dr. Daniel Heffner



    Tentative Agreement Press Release

    July 4, 2014


    VANCOUVER – A tentative agreement has been reached between the Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia (PAR-BC) and the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC).

    The tentative five-year deal addresses key issues raised by residents. Improvements include: a 5.5% increase over five years, workload during pregnancy provisions, changes to call stipends, professional expense benefit, and post call protections.

    Specific details of the agreement will be available after the ratification vote by PAR-BC members, which is expected to conclude on August 6th 2014.


    Media Contacts:

    Bargaining Team

    Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia



    Resident Awareness Day

    In celebration of the new residency year, we released a Press Release on the residents joining us.

    As part of Resident Awareness Day in 2014 we published a press release and wrote an article, which was published in the Vancouver 24 Hrs.

    February 27, 2014 – UR News in Vancouver 24 Hrs

    February 18, 2014 – Resident Awareness Day Press Release

    A new bus ad was also produced

    bus ad

  • 2013

    Board 2013 Press Release – Dr. Arun Jagdeo elected President

    As part of Resident Awareness Day, we produced a new bus ad that was displayed on buses throughout the lower mainland


  • 2012

    Board 2012 Press Release – Dr. Jason Wong elected President


    As part of Resident Awareness Day in 2012, we produced a series of posters which were displayed on bus shelters throughout Vancouver.

  • 2011

    Board 2011 Press Release – Dr. Joanna Oda elected President


    The Distributed Medical Education Committee, in response to the distributed nature of residency education in British Columbia produced a report: Residency Snapshot: The Distributed Medical Education Experience at the University of British Columbia