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Resident Doctors of BC strives to support residents in every possible way throughout residency and into practice. We appreciate feedback from our members as it helps guide our future decisions.

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When I had a question about pay roll they were very fast in responding and helping me find the right channels to ask my question.  Thanks for being so responsive to resident requests.

R4 Resident

I am grateful for RDBC. They are always here for us with passion. They are very helpful and efficient in dealing with all fields of knowledge.

R5, General Surgery

Resident Doctors of BC was extremely supportive in helping me sort out maternity leave. They were quick to respond to my questions and were knowledgeable about the specific terms of our resident contract. I really felt that they had my best interests at heart.

R2, Family Medicine – Northwest

Fun evening of Mini Golf in Parksville and fun for all of the Nanaimo Family Medicine Residents and their families. There were a few “hole-in-ones” and also a few people that need some work on their swing. We had a nice pizza party and some of the guys played a speed round of golf that became full contact towards the end. It was a great way to wrap up the year for our resident group as our R2s graduate and the R1s become R2s!

Dr. Drew Delany, R2 Family Medicine

This was my second time attending the Resident Doctors of BC Splatter Party, we had a lot of fun with our own canvas before we created a big canvas between all of us, I would attend this event again!

Dr. Bez Toosi, R2, Dermatology

Due to a scheduling disconnect between my home program and the program I was on rotation with, I was improperly scheduled for call duties the weekend prior to my vacation to cover a shortage. As my vacation had been approved, I had already booked my flights to attend a medical conference in Chicago and was meant to leave that weekend. It was necessary for me to cancel my flights and thereby miss the conference in order to cover the call shift. I contacted Resident Doctors of BC about this issue, and they were able to get the cost of my trip reimbursed by UBC. I am very appreciative that I did not have to pay out-of-pocket for the program’s error. I urge all residents who feel like they have been scheduled unfairly to contact Resident Doctors of BC.

R1 Resident

The Tax Filing Workshop provided by Resident Doctors of BC was very beneficial. I was able to get my taxes filed for free in just 15 minutes, and had the opportunity to learn more about the ins-and-outs of resident taxes from the speakers while I waited for my appointment. Resident taxes can be quite confusing, and this is a great workshop for residents who need help with their taxes, and I would definitely attend again.

Dr. Mitra Motamedi

We thought that Robson Square would be the best spot for a Holiday activity, since in Vancouver we usually have bad weather! It was my first time at Robson Square, and I was glad to get out to see the Holiday spirit around downtown. Some of us were pro-skaters, and others were just learning, thankfully, none of us got hurt.

Dr. Majid Hussain R1, 2014 Holiday Ice Skating

What a great night! We all enjoyed appetizers and drinks before walking down to English Bay to watch the fireworks. The Refinery was great central spot for everyone to meet.

Dr. Vishal Varshney R2, 2014 Fireworks Social

Around 30 residents and partners/families convened on a beautiful Friday evening at Locarno beach for a delicious BBQ and a fun beach volleyball game! We had two BBQs going, and many residents playing beach volleyball, Frisbee, and hackie sac. Even our resident children and furry friends were playing with balls and enjoying the sandy beach. We discovered many hidden volleyball talents. Everyone had a great time, enjoyed the feast, and many played through the evening until we could no longer see the volleyball! Thank you to PAR-BC for giving us this precious opportunity to hang out and have fun with our residents outside of the hospital!

Dr. Alison Lee, July 25, 2014

The Nanaimo Family Medicine resident group had a great resident social event Wednesday May 21st. We had a great turn out for a group bowling and pizza party. We also had a few kids join us and even our youngest bowler 18 month old Audrey got a strike. Highlights included “Cosmic” bowling with glow sticks and black lighting, delicious pizza and the R1s schooling the R2s. This was a great event for us to have one last social gathering as our R2 group prepares to graduate and start practice (and become our preceptors)! Thanks to ParBC for helping fund this night

Dr. Drew Delany, May 21, 2014

The UBC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Resident
Whistler Retreat returns! After its mysterious disappearance many years ago, this tradition has been revived, and with some support from PAR-BC, our small group returned to the slopes for some bonding over apres-ski. Powder was noticeably absent, but with sunshine and good company, everyone was in great spirits! When there aren’t that many of us, each of our colleagues mean that much more – thanks to PAR-BC for providing some help to our group to make this chance to reconnect a reality.

Dr. Eric Hui, February 1, 2014

Thanks again to PAR-BC for supporting residents and helping us build up strong relationships within our program. We truly appreciate it and hope to do it again in the future!

R1 & R2 Family Medicine Retreat

After completing medical school in Ontario, I was ecstatic to be returning home to Vancouver for residency.  I barely had the chance to start residency before UBC and Providence Health terminated me because I had a disability.  This happened six years ago.  My childhood dream of becoming a doctor was ripped away in matter of minutes and I was devastated.  PAR-BC (now known as RDBC) immediately rallied behind me and provided legal assistance when I went to them for help.  This led to the beginning of a six-year legal battle which came to a close this year after winning our human rights tribunal and the appeal.  I was finally reinstated to my program this year.
No resident should ever have to feel rejected after successfully completing medical school and matching to a residency of your choice, only to suddenly be told that your disability is a barrier.  There is no reason why support service resources available to medical students shouldn’t also be available to residents.  Our training begins with medical school and ends with residency, not at the end of medical school.  RDBC believed that I should be supported throughout residency and their law firm emphatically agreed to represent us.
The tribunal ruling is forever etched as a case law and will be instrumental for future residents as we see an increase in diversity among residents who may need innovative resources to succeed in residency.
I am forever thankful for their support as my journey would have taken a different path without RDBC’s unwavering support.  If you have any issues as a resident, do not hesitate to ask RDBC for their help.
R1 Resident