Resident Orientation Day Information

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New Residents:

You’ve made it to our Website! This is where you’ll find the answers to your questions, updates on news and events, and contacts for people and organizations who will help you during your residency and during your transition to practice.

For today, we’ll just start with the events directly pertaining to today’s Orientation.

New Resident Orientation 2017

Held at SFU Goldcorp Center for the Arts

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM


followed by:


Doctors of BC Reception

Held at Rogue Waterfront

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

  • Questions for Speakers:

    Tweeting Questions to Speakers:

    During the Orientation, we will have a group of speakers presenting, many of whom you’ll have questions for. To expedite the question asking process, please tweet your question with the hashtag #<speakers first initial><speakers last name>2017. For example, for our Keynote speaker Julielynn Wong, you would ask your question then add #JWong2017 to the beginning or end of your tweet. See the agenda tab below for links to the Twitter #Hashtags. 

    Your tweet will be displayed on the Twitterfall backdrop during assigned blocks over the course of the orientation.

  • Resident Doctors of BC Social

    Let’s be professional:


    After Hours: 

    Instagram: @ResidentDocsBC

    Snapchat: @RDOBC

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ResidentDoctorsBC/

  • Social Media Contests

    To help you get to know the doctors you’ll be working alongside during your residency, we’ll have a series of social media contests: Have your Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat ready! From best tweeted questions, to photos with peers, to snapping a pic of certain signs, you’ll have the opportunity to win big.


    Also, add us:

    • @ResidentDocsBC for Instagram & Twitter
    • @RDOBC for Snapchat
    • And by our organization name on Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Venue Information

    There are three floors to the SFU Goldcorp Center that will be used for the Orientation.

    On the first floor, you will come to the registration desk to sign in.

    From there, you will take the elevator or stairs up one floor, to the second floor area where there will be food and refreshments. On there will also be a patio to eat outside on, if the weather permits, as well as booths to speak with representatives from affiliated organizations.

    The entrance to the theatre, where the presentations will be held, is on the second floor.

    There are additional entrances to the top of the theatre on the third floor.

  • Orientation Agenda

    Click Here to Download the Agenda, with #Twitter links for Speakers: Orientation Agenda 2017 Download

  • Presentation Videos
  • Orientation Reimbursement Information

    To be brief, make sure you get all three of these out of the way so you’re not on the hook for a big bill after the big day:

    1. Keep the ORIGINAL receipts with the Proof of Payment and Expense Forms.
    2. Snail Mail all the required forms and original receipts. These must be post marked to July 7th, latest. Any late submissions will not be accepted!
    3. Other things to include, if applicable: Google map of journey & gas receipts.

    More Information & Details Here.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@residentdoctorsbc.ca. We look forward to hosting you, and hope you have a great time!

author: Navpreet